Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 16th, 2013

Hello Ya'll, Merry Christmas! Well here are some great moments:
1) We knocked on a door and invited the people to learn more, the man said no and then as he closed the door he yelled "go get the gun." Needless to say we walked away. He was just trying to scare us. Man, I love the south.
2) Duck Dynasty. For all of ya'll who don't know what Duck Dynasty is, you have not lived in the south. You know you live in the south when...Duck Dynasty is brought up in lessons and is seen well just everywhere.
3) Quote from a lady in the ward who was born and raised in SC: "I told my children to not marry anyone from the West, because then they would talk with a funny accent....". So I asked, "Sister -----, Do you think I talk like a westerner with a funny accent? She replied, "Well yes." but then assured me it was ok. Just when I thought my ya'lls were convincing...
4) You know you live in the South when you see camo jackets on the parade floats for beauty pageants.
Basically, the south is great and hilarious. One of the best places on earth. Where else can you buy boiled peanuts in cans and talk about church like you are asking someone about the weather? Abraham Lincoln said "If you wish to win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend." If you want to realte with the people, you got to have something to relate about.
Baptisms: Gail Rogers was baptized this week! It was a great day! Her daughter Jesica was baptized in September!
Miracles Moment: Our Bishop arranged for about 12 missionaries to be in the Conway Christmas parade. We stickered over 1000 pass along cards with the church info. Well the night before the parade it had a 90% chance of rain which meant the parade was going to be cancelled (when it rains here, it rains, it floods!). So Sister Stanley and I sent out a prayer request through a voicemail. We asked all the missionaries in the mission to pray that we could all still particpate so we could talk to many people. So about 250 missionaries did.
The morning of the parade came and the clouds were cloudy. It started to rain an hour before and they were thinking about cancelling, but right at 11 when the parade was to begin, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and it was actually hot! MIRACLE Moment. We handed out around 2000 cards, then a little while after the parade it rained, and rained, and rained, all afternoon and night. Basically, it stopped just for the parade!
Ya'll are thinking, what do missionaries do in a parade? Well the Sisters smile, hold a banner and hand out cards and the Elders bike around in circles (becuase that's how people recognize the church), while the bishop drives a truck blasting christmas music. It was so much fun! We handed out cards for a free Christmas DVD. I will attach photos!
Well Ya'll, I hope you are having a great christmas. We sure are over here! How is it going sharing the christmas cheer with others this week? Will ya'll go out and say merry christmas to someone today? Please do! I love Christmas so much, I love being reminded about our Saviors birth.
Love Ya'll,
Sister Anderson

December 23th 2013

Dear Family and Friends:
I am becoming a southener. It's offical. Sometimes others talk about people from the west or the north and then a few moments into the converstation I realize, I'm from the west! I guess what I am trying to say is that I just love it here. 
I just love Christmas time! Everywhere I go, I say "Merry Christmas" and everyone smiles back and says it. Christmas has a way of changing peoples attitudes: 
1) We met a lady a couple of times at her door and she was never really interested. So finally, our third time seeing her, she tells us that upfront, kindly yet bluntly. As we are leaving, I ask her if it would be ok for us to stop by in a few days to go caroling. Well that changed everything! Next thing I know, she is pointing to her car and describing which one it is so that we will not miss her when she is home! Apparently, she had never had christmas carolers and wanted them. Needless to say we are going back soon! 
Random Fact: Did ya'll know that mac' n cheese is a reglar staple at thanksgiving and christmas? Well, I didn't until recently, I sure do love it!
Random Sighting: Only in the South do you see huge billboards promoting Jesus Christ. There was one I passed the other day that had a picture of a road that was splitting into two roads with two signs in either direction: One said Heaven, the other said hell. Then it said, which way are you going? I almost died of laughter! I couldn't belive that was seriously there. Once again, I love the South!
Random Act of Service: We were driving down the road and saw an older lady on a ladder in a huge oak tree (100-300 years old). So we pulled over and helped her. She was 75 years old and was on a 15 foot ladder in a tree stringing lights! That was not acceptable! It was a lot of fun to help Miss Joe and we had a great time getting to know her. I am grateful that we have this time set apart during our lives that we can just go out and serve full time!
We serve with a lot of people who don't have much for christmas, if anything. It's with these people that I have been able to see the true meaning of christmas. Presents are nice, decorations are wonderful, but they aren't needed. They aren't what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about our Savior Jesus Christ. It is about his birth and what he has done for the world. I am so thankful for him. Here is a poem that my Mom sent me:
"What can I give him
Poor as I am
If I were a sheperd,
I would give him a lamb.
If I were a wise man,
I would do my part.
But what can I give him?
I will give my heart."
-Christina Rosetti, "My Gift"
I know that this is true. No matter what we have or don't have, that we all have something we can give the Savior this Christmas and that is our heart. I am so grateful for the lessons that I have learned this christmas. We have been able to go about and uplift many who needed uplifting. I can't even begin to describe the generosity I have seen given by others. If ya'll can, please go out and offer a little help. If you have the means financially then please do it, if you don't please just go and uplift with your smile, with acts of service, or even with caroling. Remeber, the reason for the season is Christ.
Well, I love ya'll and Merry Christmas!
Love, Sister Susan Anderson

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9th, 2013

Hello Ya'll, Merry Christmas! Well here are some great moments:
1) We knocked on a door and invited the people to learn more, the man said no and then as he closed the door he yelled "go get the gun." Needless to say we walked away. He was just trying to scare us. Man, I love the south.
2) Duck Dynasty. For all of ya'll who don't know what Duck Dynasty is, you have not lived in the south. You know you live in the south when...Duck Dynasty is brought up in lessons and is seen well just everywhere.
3) Quote from a lady in the ward who was born and raised in SC: "I told my children to not marry anyone from the West, because then they would talk with a funny accent....". So I asked, "Sister -----, Do you think I talk like a westerner with a funny accent? She replied, "Well yes." but then assured me it was ok. Just when I thought my ya'lls were convincing...
4) You know you live in the South when you see camo jackets on the parade floats for beauty pageants.
Basically, the south is great and hilarious. One of the best places on earth. Where else can you buy boiled peanuts in cans and talk about church like you are asking someone about the weather? Abraham Lincoln said "If you wish to win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend." If you want to realte with the people, you got to have something to relate about.
Baptisms: Gail Rogers was baptized this week! It was a great day! Her daughter Jesica was baptized in September!
Miracles Moment: Our Bishop arranged for about 12 missionaries to be in the Conway Christmas parade. We stickered over 1000 pass along cards with the church info. Well the night before the parade it had a 90% chance of rain which meant the parade was going to be cancelled (when it rains here, it rains, it floods!). So Sister Stanley and I sent out a prayer request through a voicemail. We asked all the missionaries in the mission to pray that we could all still particpate so we could talk to many people. So about 250 missionaries did.
The morning of the parade came and the clouds were cloudy. It started to rain an hour before and they were thinking about cancelling, but right at 11 when the parade was to begin, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and it was actually hot! MIRACLE Moment. We handed out around 2000 cards, then a little while after the parade it rained, and rained, and rained, all afternoon and night. Basically, it stopped just for the parade!
Ya'll are thinking, what do missionaries do in a parade? Well the Sisters smile, hold a banner and hand out cards and the Elders bike around in circles (becuase that's how people recognize the church), while the bishop drives a truck blasting christmas music. It was so much fun! We handed out cards for a free Christmas DVD. I will attach photos!
Well Ya'll, I hope you are having a great christmas. We sure are over here! How is it going sharing the christmas cheer with others this week? Will ya'll go out and say merry christmas to someone today? Please do! I love Christmas so much, I love being reminded about our Saviors birth.
Love Ya'll,
Sister Anderson

December 2nd, 2013

Hello Ya'll,
I received the best news. I was in ward choir practice, (naturally missionaries are always in it), and I was explaining something. Then someone pointed out to me afterwards that I said ya'll 4x's through out that explination. I had no idea I had even said it. Proud moment. My ya'lls are finally starting to become natural.
Well this week was full of changes:
1) I received a new companion. Her name is Sister Stanley and she is from Las Vegas. Conway is her first area. What a great place to start your mission in!
2) Our area has been so blessed recently! We recieved another set of Elders, so we now have 3 sets of missionaries in the ward. Great things are in store.
Miracle Moment: God will protect you!
Two weeks ago, Sister Lundhom and I were driving way out into the country looking for a lady who has not been to church in a while. Finally we turn down this dark road which is off of another dark road and find her house. We pull to the side of the road when we see three HUGE dogs. I mean big dogs, barking at us. We didn't know what to do. We could see the door of the house and the light on but we couldn't get there. So I tried opening the door and making one step outside, bad idea. We didn't want to leave but we were stuck, so we prayed. (What you always do when you are stuck!)  We had the feeling to pull up into her drive way (which President asks us not to park in) and then try it. So we did. Well once we pulled into the drive way the dogs whole demaner changed. It was like we weren't intruders anymore.They still barked but we felt safer. So we slowly made our way to the door and the knocked. Longest moment of my life waiting for that door to open! One of the dogs was smelling my leg. So scary! A man opened it then went to get his wife and left us out there! Then the lady ushered us in. She felt bad for us being left there. Apparently, she has not been visited my missionaries because all of the ones in the past were scared away by the dogs. She agreed to let us come back becuase she was impressed with our determination and bravery.
Sometimes you have to do scary things, but remember, if the Lord is with you, you can do it!
Recently, I just have been so happy! I just love being a missionary. I am blessed to see lives change every day! I know that this gospel can change our lives and if we let it, it will. I also know that it is meant for everyone. We are all God's children. He loves all of us and wants us all to be happy and return to live with Him which is why He gave us his son. With that in mind I want to invite all of ya'll to do something special this Christmas for the Savior. How many of us recieve present to celebrate his birthday? But how many of us give present to him?
Recently, Elder Ballard, an apostle of the Lord said:
"We are niot asking eevryone to do everything. We are simply asking all members to pray, knowing that if every member, young and old, will reach out ot just "one" between now and christmas, millions will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a wonderful gift to the Savior."
I know this is true. Will ya'll share the gospel with one person before Christmas to show your love for our Savior Jesus Christ? I can promise you as a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ that if you do, that you will be giving him something on his Christmas wish list. He will be please with you. He asked us to love one another, what better way can you do that than this?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

October 26th, 2013

November 25th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!
Well, hello ya'll! This week has been great! They all are, but this week was great in particular because I was able to feel the peace that the gospel brings into our lives. I know that no matter what your challenges or concerns might be, that the Savior, and his teachings can help you.
Baptisms: Pamela got baptized!! It was a great day to see a family united! Charles, was suppose to get baptized 2 weeks ago but unfortuanly he had heart problems and was sent to the hospital for a few days. All he wanted to do was get out to be baptized, then a week later he was set to be baptized. Two hours before, he called us and decided to postpone his baptism. Some missionaries of another faith came and shook him up a little bit. This was hard for us, but we know that the Lord has everything in his hands. Charles is one of the most sincere people we have met, I know that he knows this is true. Gail unfortunatly went to the hospital on her baptism day as well. She has been pretty sick this past week, but she will be ok. She just had another death in her family, so please pray for her. She will be getting baptized when she feels better.
Insights: This week was an emotional one, but during all of it we were never left alone. I can testify that God is in every detail of our lives. He is simply always there. I am so grateful for this knowledge. This letter is for all of you that are going through hard times right now! Elder Bednar told us that God will let us struggle, but not forsake us. We learned from our mission President that trials are good! They help you to be stressed, under pressure, so that you can grow. So if you feel under pressure right now, be glad. Know that you are getting the chance to grow!
Companion: Well Sister Lundholm goes home tomorrow. I am so excited for her family, but I sure will miss her! In other news, I am getting a new companion tomorrow! I have been living with a few other Sisters for a few days while my companion goes to deptarting missionary meetings. It's been a lot of fun!
Well, I know that ya'll love to hear the heart warming stories as well as the crazy one, so I wil share some next week, becuase they happen every single day!
Temple: We were able to go to the Temple this week. Somone who Sister Lundholm taught a year ago, went throught the Temple! It was amazing! Also, it was our ward youth Temple trip, so we got to see all of the youth! Three people, who we recently helped to get baptized were there as well, it was great! 
Also, this week we visited a sister from the congregation who has not been to church in a while. When we saw her she immeditaly starting crying. She told us of her trials, fears, and desires. One of which was to attend the Temple and be in the Celestial Room. This is a special room in the Temple which reminds us of Heaven. I asked her "why do you want to go there?" She replied, "becuase I was born to be there." I know this simple yet profound statment is true. We are all meant, by birth right, to inherit all that the Father has for us. He wants us all to come to Heaven again, to come the Temple. When I was young I memorized this poem: "I am a child of royal birth. My Father is king of heaven and earth. My spirit was born in courts on high. A beloved child; a princess am I." I know that we are all children of God. Children of a King. Let us remember that and act like it. We have so much potential! Please use that potential and work towards the Temple. If you have a reccomend, then please go this week. Make time for it! I promise you it will be one of the best ways you can spend that time. Will ya'll do that?
Stories: There is a lady named Chrissy who is starting to come back to church after a while. A little while ago, we biked to her house and just as we pulled up we heard yelling. At first we were alarmed, but then we discovered it was out of joy. You see, Chrissy had just called us to come over and help her with something right as we pulled up. We had no idea she had called becuase we had been biking. We made those plans the night previous. Many times when we see her, it was just when she was thinking of this. I love it when this happens, becuase God know what we need! He certainly does guide us!
Love Ya'll,
Sister Anderson
P.S. I love updates from ya'll - so send them!

November 18th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends: This has been a GREAT week!
We had 6 baptisms this week in our ward and we have another 3 baptisms scheduled for his Wednesday! God certainly is blessings us! So, here they are:
 We taught: Miss Harriet 50's, Janiya 14, Malaki 10, and Demari 8. Miss Harriet is the great aunt who watches her 3 "grandchildren." They just love the gospel in every single way! [photo of us and the family]. Also, the Elders taught Candice and Debrah who also got baptized! Candice is the Grandma, Debrah the Mom, and Debrah's 2 kids: Naceem 14and Rashawn 16: were baptized in September, so now they are one big happy family! [photo of Candace+Debrah holding hands with Harriet and Janiya].
This week: Three of our investigators are getting baptized! Here is a little bit about them and their stories:
 1) Charles King: An older man who lost his wife a year ago and recently had his foot amputated. He wants to set a good example for his family and therefore is getting baptized this week! Please pray for him, he spent the last week in the hospital with some heart problems.
2) Pamela Ogg: She is in her 30's, a mom of two kids: Aiden 7 and Shanaya 5. Her husband Shawn is a less-active. Since teaching them for the past few months, they have both lived the word of widsom and frequently attend church with their family! Another family!
3) Gail Rodgers: She is also in her 50's and is a lively lady! Her daughter Jessica was baptized in September (our first baptism!). She is a grandma and just wants to follow God. Gail has a lot of turmoil in her life so please pray for her too! Pray for peace!
Also, Elder Bednar came and spoke to us on Saturday! Yes, you read that right! Elder David A, Bednar, an apostle of the Lord! (For those of you who don't already know, we have 12 apostles on the earth today just as in Jesus Christ's time here on the earth. Ya'll might know about Peter, James, and John, ... our curent apostles act in the same way as they did!) He held a question and answer meeting for 3 hours with us! We could ask anything! He taught us how to ask question and let the Spirit answer them. After leaving the meeting, I realized that I didn't need him to answer my questions becuase I can pray to God and ask Him and be answered through the Holy Ghost. He also shook all of our hands! Around 236 missionaries! Then he also took a group picture.
Here is some of what he taught: Do ya'll remember the story about Peter walking on water in the Bible? Elder Bednar spoke to us about "jumping out of the boat" meaning having faith to act. Peter didn't know if he could walk on water until he jumped out of the boat and had his feet touch the water. Likewise, we must first act and do. When we jump out of the boat we must have our gaze fixed on Christ. Peter was walking on water until he took his sight away from Christ and looked down. So we likewise must act in faith and then continue to look towards Christ. In regards to acting in faith Elder Bednar said something along the lines of "It means that you walk in the river Jordan and your feet get wet before the water parts."
It was amazing to be in the presence of an apostle of the Lord. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church upon the earth. I know that he has called a prophet and 12 apostles to help lead it. I know that Elder Bednar is truly an apostle of the Lord! (For more of his talks, go to )
Also, we got a new bishopric this week! So our new bishop is: Bishop Christ (who previously, was one of the best missionaries in our stake! He was always seting up events for missionaries to attend and was ALWAYS helping us). The 1st Counselor: Our ward mission leader (the man in charge of us missionaries in the ward). The 2nd Counselor: The assistant ward mission leader. So, if you haven't gotten the hint yet, this ward is going to continue to move forward with missionary work. I. can't. wait! The old bishopric was amazing as well and we look forward to be meeting with them.
Well, since so many of our investigators have been getting baptized, we are looking for more people to teach. Last night we went to vist 2 people whom we had been teaching. They very harshly dropped us and told us to not come back. It really hurt my heart knowing what they were giving up and them not even explaining why, but I knew that God would provide. On our way back to the car, Sister Lundholm and I spoke about finding the people to teach who are ready for the gospel. We thanked God for helping us to know that Rachel and Maddy were not quite ready at that time so we can focus on people who are. The very next house we went to was a lady in the ward who gave us a list of people who she wants to share the gospel with. Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Family, I want to testify that God does provide for us! He hears and answers our prayers. This, I know is true!
On a side note, my companion goes home next week. I love her so much, she truly is my best friend. God sent me to South Carolina to find her! I am so grateful for Sister Amanda Lundholm! She has taught me so much. She truly represent Christ in every thought, action, and deed. Please pray for us this week! She wants to stay here forever, so this week will be emotionally a little harder but that's alright because we are going to be working harder than ever before!
Also, another miracle moment! We were at a devotional last week and met a man name James and his friend. James was preparing to be  baptized in Myrtle Beach, the city next to us, that Saturday. It turns out that James is friends with Charles King and Jame's friend, can't remember his name, was Charles brother!! Charles brother is a member of the church too! They apparently haven't been in good contact lately, so neither knew! Blessings! We had been praying to find a friend for Charles in the church and the Lord provided. He always does.
I just want ya'll to know that I love being a missionary. I love it so very much! The Lord certainly has blessed me sending me here to the south! Will ya'll go out this week and share something about your baptism with someone else? If you haven't been baptized, will you ponder the question: Why is baptism important? I promise to answer that next week. Also, if you do it, I know that it will invite the Spirit into your life and converstation as you speak about your baptism in which you followed Jesus Christ.
Sister Susan Anderson
110 Oak Park Dr #B
Irmo, SC 29063
P.S. Sister Lundholm and I have been celebrating Christmas since October! I can't wait! I love CHRISTmas! It's never to early to start celebrating Christ and his birth!

November 11th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends:

It's that time again! Another email update!

COMPANION: Well the South is the best, as you all know by now, but what ya'll may not know is that I have THE best companion in the whole entire world. She is amazing! I love Sister Lundholm! She is so self-less, kind, obedient, understanding, and a great friend. I could not have picked a better companion had I been given the chance. I am so grateful for her! I am just so happy. I love being a missionary!

FUN NOTE: I learned how to make fried chicken today! I learned from an old African-American lady! The only way to learn! So everyone, be ready, someday I will be making ya'll fried chicken the Southern way.

CHOICES: Recently I was thinking about where I am in life, as we all do from time to time. I was thinking, how did I get here? I mean, I have so many friends and family members who grew up practically the same way as me, yet we all seem to  be in such different places. (Just bear with me on this one.) I decided that the answer was that we all made 90% of the same decisions but it was that other 10% that was different. It was that 10% that put us in different places.

Small choices are so important. They are what make us who we are. Often we think, "oh its not that big of a deal" or "it doesn't really matter in the long run", but I am here to tell you today that it does! All choices are important. In the scriptures we learn that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." So, I guess what I am trying to say is that be cautious of your small choices. Choices such as: Will I attend church this week? Will I pray today, even though I am tired? Will I watch this movie? Our small choices affect our lives as much as our big ones do.

It is these small choices that have prepared many of my friends to be baptized this weekend! That right everyone: Baptisms again in Conway! These people are all from different walks of life, yet they are now changing that 10% and preparing for baptism! 

WILL YOU: Will ya'll, the next time you are going to make a decision, imagine the Savior right beside you as you make that choice? I know that if you do, then you will make the right one. If you do what the Savior would do, you will never go wrong, for He is our perfect example.

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. He has given me everything. I know that he is real and that he lives. I am so grateful for this knowledge. Always remember that you are never alone, never. You can always pray to your Heavenly Father and He will always listen. 

Also, please pray for us! We will need the prayers this week. Our faith and endurance often gets tried before great things! Know that I pray for many of you! 

Love Ya,

Sister Anderson

November 4th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends: Happy Fall Ya'll!
I hope this message finds you warm this fall season!
To everyone who asked, thank you so much, I had a wonderful birthday! It was so much fun! I had a huge tender mercy with that:
I went to a members home for a birthday lunch and guess what? I felt like I had walked into my home. Her house looked just like mine at home. Same type of couch, with decorated red cushions, some of the same decorations and accessories in the kitchen as we have at home, everything just looked as if my Mom had done it. She even played classical music, the type my Dad likes and even had my favorite food! Frozen fruit-she didn't even know it was my favorite! It made me secretly smile knowing what Heavenly Father had done for me.
 I want to testify that God's tender mercies are all over the place. He gives us tender mercies to remind us of His love for us. The Lord's tender mercies are extended to all, the trick is to keep your eyes open to it! Will all of you this week pay attention to your blessing and then thank God for them? I promise you that if you do, that you will see the Lord's hand in your life!
Story: Last night Sister Lundholm and I went to a lady's home. Her name is Christina and she has two kittens. She is having a very hard time in her life right now and we were listening intently to her as she tearfully shared her feelings...then I look down and see a black furry face with two paws (and claws) pop out of my companions skirt! It was laying on its back underneath her skirt playing with the end of it. It was hilarious! My companion had a long flowy skirt on and the kitten and climed under her skirt and proceeded to cause all sorts of mayhem for about 10 minutes. I know that this doesn't sound too funny, but take my word for it. It was!
Truth:I want everyone to know that my Mom is always right! Growing up she use to have us sing: " I say to myself, remember this, kindness begins with me!" It is so true! This week we really focused on loving others and showing kindess to everyone that we meet. Kindness opens up doors! Who doesn't love someone who is kind right off the bat to them? I saw it work miracles, people who previously were not very open, opened right up! Strangers let us come into their homes because of it. Always remember: Kindess begins with me! When people are speaking, listen. When someone looks sad, offer to give them a hug!
I know that our Savior Jesus Christ was the perfect example of kindness. I want to be just like Him. Will all of you show your love for the Savior Jesus Christ and follow His example by showing love to others? Will ya'll be extra kind this week? I promise you that if you do, that you will be happier in life and notice a difference!
Love Ya'll,
Sister Susan Anderson
110 Oak Park Dr # B
Irmo, SC 29063

October 28th, 2013

Hello Ya'll!
I use ya'll all the time now! At first, I worked on using it to try and seem more "native" but now its just a habit! I am afraid that I will be using ya'll for the rest of my life.
Well updates: Sister Lundholm is still the best companion. South Carolina is still the best mission. And Conway is still the best ward in the mission. Bascially, I am very blessed to be where I am. Thank you to all of you who helped me get here in any way!
This week we started teaching some new families! Two quick stories with that:
1) The Jones family was a referal. A couple of years ago they had the missionaries over, who were very kind to them and always offered to help. Well Sister Jones rememebred that and one day she asked he neighbor ( a less active member who we have been visiting quite often) for the missionaries phone number. She called and we came! Now they are to be baptized in a few weeks! Everywhere we go, the people have good memiories of the missionaries always offering to help. So go and be good examples!
2)  I taught my first lesson, with a member and my companion, almost ALL in spanish. The member did more teaching that I did, but wow! It was amazing. I was able to teach and bear testimony. The most powerful time was when I read (I didn't have it memorized in spanish) the First Vision. The lady said that this was the first time that she didn't feel aprehensive about what we were teaching. The Spirit is Universal! It truly is. I did not understanding everything she said and she did not unerstanding everything I said, but the Spirit was the teacher.
Inspiring Story: A few weeks ago in Stake Conference, Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy shared this story with us:
When his grandson was 9 years old he was diagonsed with bone cancer. His grandson fought it for two years and eventually it went away, but the diagnosis was given that he would have to have his leg amputated. They were to do a new surgery in which they would amputate from his knee to his ankle.
So they amputated his leg and then re-attached his ankle to his knee, but backwards. The reason for this was to preserve the joint and to allow the foot to slide into a prostect leg. The surgery went well and the time came for the boy to go to physical therapy to learn to use his new knee/anckle with a prostect leg to walk. He tried and tried, but the progress was not happening, it only caused pain when pressure was put on it. One day he was walking and broke his leg.
His parents rusehd him to the hospital and the surgeon said that it was only a small brake, but that they would need to go into surgery again to re-brake the leg. By this point, after two years it began to be too much for the Mom. She wondered, why? Why is this happening. Hasn't be already gone through enough?!
Well the surgery happened, they readjusted the angle of the ankle. The boy was in terrible pain. He was able to do all the chemo with a good attitude and the first amptutation/surgery, but this one hurt more than all the rest. Once again, everyone wondered why?
Evenutally the leg healed and soon the boy was able to walk and then run! He nows plays on a soccer team. You see, the leg needed to be re-broken so that the ankle could be put on again but this time at a different angle. When everyone questioned, why is his happening, God had a plan. Had the boy not broken his leg, he would have made the big progress that he did to be able to walk and run.
I loved this story because it reminds me that God is aware of us. He knows every struggle that we are going through and if we just trust in Him and remain faithful, then we will be able to see his plan. Sometimes we are allowed to go through hard things so that we can be in the spot where God wants us to be so that we can experience the most growth. The boy breaking his leg was criticaly to his development.
Well ya'll, I am very happy and I am very happy to recieve letters as well! (Hint, hint) Send me your Christmas cards please! Also, how are ya'll doing on the goals that I sent ya? Remember, be a missionary! We are ALL missionaries! Spread the gospel, whether that is going out with the missionaries, sharing your beliefs on facebook, doing a good deed, or just giving a smile. You can do it! You need to do it!
Sister Anderson

October 21st, 2013

Dear Family and Friends! Another great week in Conway, South Carolina!
Great things happened this week starting with the THREE baptisms of Tim, Jessica, and Zach!
Sister Lundholm and I have been teaching all of them for a weeks now and it has been amazing! What I have learned from this experience is that people can change. Many of our investigators had to give up a lot of habits to become more Christlike and it hasn't been easy for them but it is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So, for all you people out there who feel like you can't change...your wrong, you can! Just start reading the Book of Mormon today!
Other fun news: FOOD Update: This week I ate ALL of the following...
alligator, fried giant frog legs, shark, sword fish, squid, octopus, muscle, clams, shrimp, chicken bog, grits, and the traditional pasta and what not :)
Yes, I ate ALL of these with a SMILE on my face. Did I mention that I don't particullary care for sea food? Haha, oh well! I will include some photos. Seeing is believeing. I do not recomend frog, so if someone offers, I would suggest declining, unless it would be rude or if your a missionary. (Dad, I know you are proud!)
This week, I went to the Loris bog off. Its basically a big fair. We are able to talk to so many people, everyone was SO very southern. Loved it! Also, miracle moment. We made lunch for an investigator of ours who is struggling finanically and we invited another investigator. Then we realized we needed a ride for investigator #2 so we asked a memeber to come to lunch with us. Turns out it was the members birthday! She is a widow and no one knew that it was her birthday, but God knew! So she didn't have to be lonley that day. We tried our best to spoil her, she said she had prayed and all she wanted was to not be alone on her birthday. The story gets better. Miracle after miracle happened... it just shows me that God is so very aware of us! We learn in 1 Nephi 21:16 "Behold, I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands." I know that God loves us so much, that He loved us enough to send his Son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we can live again and never have to feel alone. So when you feel lonely and forgotten remember that Christ remembers you and is there for you....also during those times, shoot me an email!
Well my birthday is next week and I would love it if ya'll would do something for me:
Please do one or all of the following :)
1) One random act of kindess!
2) Share your testimony with one person!
3) Tell the missionaries that you appreciate them and the offer to help.
4) Have family prayer and scripture study tonight.
Thanks so much, I love ya'll!
Sister Susan Anderson

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14th, 2013

Good Morning!
Update from here in South Carolina! First embarassing/proud moment of mine:
As missionaries we teach lessons to everyone to be able to learn more about the gospel. So the other night, my compaion gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and she hears me teaching the Plan of Salvation (lesson two) in my sleep! She said that she wanted to testify of what I was saying (as missionaries we double testify) but that she was too tired and went to bed. When she told me in the morning I was a little embarassed for
sleep talking, but SO proud! I don't remember dreaming or even thinking about that lesson so it made me feel really good. This made me feel like I have made it in life as a missionary to have taught in my sleep!
Good News: We have 3 baptisms on Saturday! One is a 24 year old man named Tim who LOVES the gospel. The two others are siblings: Zach (16) and Jessica (19). Both of their parents were less active for 16 years but are now all very active. His Dad is even going to baptize them. It is so wonderful!
This week I was able to go to the Temple. It was so wondeful to be in the House of the Lord and feel peace there. For those of you who haven't gone to the Temple in a while, GO! Go this week! While there, our mission President, President Holm joined us. Shout out to the Hares and Brewers: Their daughter served a mission in Rochester, NY and is now getting married in two weeks!
Miracle Moment: As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we belive in the Word of Wisdom, which is a commandment that helps our body to stay healthy and clean so that the Spirit can dwell with us. One of our investigators, Pamela, gave us her coffee maker, tea, and all her coffee! One of the proudest moments of my mission! We didn't even have to ask for that. She gave it to us to show her committment to follow God and keep the word of wisdom which prohibits coffee and tea! We have been teaching her family for a little while now and she is going to be getting baptized next month! Love it! (I'll attach a photo later).
This week we had a day that was somewhat difficult. Everything, I mean everything started to fall apart, appointments, rides,  investigators, just everything. Somtimes in life this happens, things start to get hard or go bad, often all at once, but believe it or not these are some of my favorite days! I love hard days becuase I know that a miracle is going to happen right afterwards. I expect it. We learn in Ether 12:6 that we "receive no witness until after the trial of your (our) faith." I know that is true. When things get hard we just say, wow, Satan must be trying really hard right now because something good is about to happen! So I invite all yall to apply that to your life. View tough things as a trial and a blessing. Stay postive, rely on the Lord, and get through it. I promise you that if you do that then you will be blessed and see God's hand in your life.
Lastly, I would like to close with a story that was shared to us in Stake Conference by a memeber of the 70, Elder Johnson:He said that one day is daughter was shopping in the store for Christmas and found these beautiful music boxes, the kind that play music and have a ballerina dance. She knew that her two young daughters would just love them. She spent a while debating whether or not she should get the big ones or small ones. She finally decided to get two big ones, as she was about to check out, she realized that her neices birthday was about to come up and she needed a present, so she went back and got a small music box as well.
She came home and showed her 4 year old, Marcy, the small music box that they were going to give to her cousin. Upon seeing the box, Marcy started to cry. Her Mom, totally bewildered, asked Marcy what was wrong. She replied that the music box was just what she wanted and continued to cry more. Her Mom, smiling to herself, told Marcy that maybe she would get one for Christmas, a better one. Marcy then started to cry even more (for 30 minutes) stating that that wasn't possible becuause this was the most perfect on there ever could be and she wanted this one. Marcy was unable to comprehend that there could be something better in store for her.
This relates perfectly to us. God must smile knowing what he has in store for us. He see's the big picture, the end from the beggining. Often we state firmly that we want something now and we want just that, but he knows that there is something better in store for us if we can just wait. He has something much bigger and better than we could possibly imagine. He has the large music box when we think that we want the small.
I know that God, our Heavenly Father, just wants the best for us. While we have a limited perspective, he has an all knowing one. He knows what is best for us and that's what He wants to give us if we can just wait and trust Him. We all need to trust God a little more and believe that He does want the best for us and will give us the best if we can only follow and trust His word.
Funny Moment: We biked a good amount this week! We were biking in some slight rain and ran into an older gentleman on his bike. He said " Ya'll better be get going, you know, sugar melts in the rain!" It made us laugh!
Love Ya'll,
Sister Anderson

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Time for an update from the South! This week was General Conference! For all of you who don't know what that is, I am going to tell you! We have a prophet on the earth today and he has 12 apostles, just like in Jesus' time. Twice a year they speak to the whole world in a conference that is broadcasted into 52 languages. They teach us about things that God would have us do. I LOVE General Conference! Go watch it! then click "General Conference."

One of my favorite talks from General Conference was given by our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. He spoke about enduring to the end, finishing strong. He said that when we are tested to our limits we are aloud to change and become better than we were before. I love that! I know that stress can greatly increase our growth. Then he continued saying that "During the best of times or the worst of times He (God) is with us. He has promised this will never change." I know that God is always with us and is always aware of us. We are His children. He loves us! Like any good Father he wants the best for us and wants us to grow, that is why he allows hard things to happen. Another quote by President Monson that was given to the women of the Church last weekend said " He has assured us that He will be there to help us if we just ask." So when times get hard, when times are good, when times are in between, turn to God, your Heavenly Father, and pray! He will be there to help you!

STORY: About two or three weeks ago I was walking through a neighborhood, knocking on doors, when I saw an older lady outside scrubbing green stuff off of her white picket fence. My companion and I walked over and started to talk to her and offered to help, she refused saying that she was only doing on section of the fence and was almost done. She insisted that she was having someone else do it tomorrow or something and then went inside. About twenty minutes later we drove past the house and saw her scrubbing her fence! I told my companion that we needed to go and help, my companion agreed but it was awkward because the lady did not want our help or even company before.

So we got out of the car, crossed the street, and started towards the lady. She was surprised to see us and looked a little uneasy. We offered to help her again, then we begged her to let us help. I told her that we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that we strive to represent our Savior Jesus Christ. This means that we try to do good and do the things that He would have done. Then I told her that I know that the Savior would have helped her clean off her fence. (Five minutes later)  We promised to not preach to her if she would let us help. She let us help!

She then told us that she used old rags with bleach to scrub off the fence. (As I am wearing a black dress. Bleach + black = disaster!) I insisted that it did not matter that we wear clothes that we don't mind getting dirty because we are on missions to serve people! (It didn't matter one bit about our clothes!) We were able to help clean and scrub her fence. It was such an amazing experience as she slowly opened up to us. We became good friends and we met her disabled grandson who she cares for and raises by herself. We became his friend too; he was 14 and loved airplanes! We were able to learn about her life. True to our word we didn't bring up the gospel although she asked some questions and we slipped good old family values in. We helped her scrub the green slim for a while and then left.

The whole point of this story is that to share the gospel we don't have to talk about scriptures, about the first vision, or church. All we have to do is serve and follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes we don't preach with words but with actions. One of my favorite quotes it "Preach the gospel and if necessary use words." I love that because I believe that sometimes the Savior would just simply serve other, lighten their day, lift their load without teaching a sermon. I love being a missionary. I love being able to serve others and do it in the name of our Savior.

Will you all find one way to serve another this week? Just a random act of kindness. Open a door. Ask someone how they are doing. Give a compliment. I promise you that as you do this you will be uplifted yourself as your follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Love Always!
Sister Susan Anderson

Exciting new!

This week I get to go to the Temple! I am so excited! Also, last weekend I went to a mission conference in Irmo (a suburb of Columbia) and I got to stay in the mission home! It was so great!

Monday, September 30, 2013

August 29th, 2013

Dear Family,

Well today is my first and only P-Day here at the MTC! When you dropped me off, I guess I left rather quick because my temporary companion had to tell me to turn around to say goodbye to you. I really enjoyed getting your care package! I love them, so keep them coming! Also, I get the dearelder mail every day, so if you send it then I will get it that day or the next day...hint hint. I have ran into SO many friends here! I have literally lost count, but I will name a few of the ones you will recognize Nick Bjorling, Christopher Molinari, Jared Cordon, Emily Bell, a girl from the Rocklin YSA Ward, a girl from my old humanities class, about 4 or 5 friends from pageant. I never cease to run into friends! My poor companion has to meet all of them.

Speaking of companions, my companion is Sister Havens from St. George Utah. She is 21 years old and we get along great. We didn't quite click the first day, but I just tried my very hardest to love her and be super nice to her and well look at us now! We get along great! It wasn't that we didn't first get along but it wasn't as automatic. We have taught two investigator and get a new one tonight! I am very excited to meet him. Planning lessons is a lot of work but really is worth it. It is amazing to be able to feel the Spirit so strongly when we are teaching! 

Something that I learned very quickly at the MTC was that missionaries work VERY VERY hard! They are always working, always moving! I had no idea how busy we would be here. I get up at 5:50-6:20 every morning and don't get to bed until 10:30-11ish, but it is so worth it. The sisters in my district (the same ones in my room) are amazing! They are so inspirational and everyone gets along great. We study, role play, get taught, all day long but we learn so very much. The first few days, I was exhausted, but that was ok because I was doing what I wanted to be doing, where I wanted to be. When you try your very hardest, the Lord will do the best. I quickly realized that I needed to trust that God would give me the strength do His will if I tried my best and he has!

The best advice I recieved at the MTC was from an old devotional that we watched given by Elder Bednar which was "It's not about you." That really helped me to not focus on me but on others. I am here to serve the Lord and teach his children. This changed everything! When I studied, I learned alot, but when I studied for my investigator I learned more. I decided that if I was tired, so what! If I wanted a break, so what! It's not about me. I know that when you start focusing on others before yourself that you will be so much happier in life!

On Tuesday, all of the MTC both the West and Main campus went to the Marriott Center where Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us. It was amazing when we walked in the room because everyone (roughly 3400 missionaries) stood up very quickly. As he walked in all the missionaries were singing "I know that My Redeemer Lives" while we waited for the devotional to start. I was able to sing in the giant choir for him! We sang "Lead Kindly Light." The devotional was broadcast to all of the MTC's around the world either live or by recording. He spoke about love and sacrifice how we love the things we sacrifice and sacrifice for the things we love. Then when it ended, we were asked to stay inside the building because there was a lot of rain and lighting, so we were trapped in the building with an apostle! Then Elder Andersen walked through the isles shaking hands. Then we all sang "Called to Serve" for him and the excitment was tangible in the air! While at the devotional I ran into Elder Bjorling and Cordon from pageant as well as Sister Lopez from the Rocklin YSA singles ward. It was great to see them!

On Sunday, we were able to have Brother Allen the managing director of the Missionary Department come and speak to us. He got the whole audience interacting and really spoke straight to us! That same day for Relief Society we had Sister McConkie, 1st Councelor in the YW General Presidency, come and speak to us. It was great! She also brought her husband, President McConkie. He shared this story with us:

When he was a young boy he was at his Grandpa's house in his study. He was looking around and found a Book of Mormon and on the inside cover he found about 50 dates. He tried and tried to figure out what they all were. He thought maybe they were birthdays, but there were too many. Finally he asked and found out that each time his Grandfather read the Book of Mormon he wrote the date inside of the cover. On his way home from Grandpa's house in the car, he told his Father about what he had found utterly amazed. Then his Father told him that next time he was at Grandfather's house he needed to look around is study and open up all of the other Book of Mormon copies that lined the wall and see what he found. His Grandfather had read and reread that book. President McConkie bore testimony that his Grandfather knew and loved that book as he does.

I loved that story! He committed us to read it more. We also watched the BEST fireside every given by Elder Bednar at the MTC on a Christmas Sunday entitled "The Character of Christ." You HAVE to read that devotional, it is all about the attributes of Christ. I will try and find it for you. In the fireside, Elder Bednar told us to get a cheap paper back copy of the Book of Mormon and read it with one question in mind and then when we were done right a half of page on what we learned. He said we should read the Book of Mormon, doing that, 400-500 times in our life! Crazy huh! I better get started! 

Well, I love the MTC but I am ready and excited to leave on Monday for South Carolina! There are 25 missionaries in my transfer, 18 sisters and 7 elders. I am was put incharge of getting everyone through the airport and onto planes. We are going to have so much fun! I am going to bring cookies for everyone.

I love you all and am very happy here! I feel the Spirit strong so here and know that this is God's work! Love you and be good!

Sister Anderson.

September 16th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!
Life is great here in South Carolina! There are SO many people to share the gospel with. Well, to start with some funny news. Everyone thinks that I am 15. Everyone! Yesterday, Sister Lundholm and I taught a lesson in primary. Apparently, as I was walking out a lady asked who the new primary girl was, then she was told that it was the new missionary! Haha I have been called 15 year olds about 3,4, or 5 times now, but I don't mind because it gets people talking to me...then I can share the gospel with them!
Miracles do occur! Everyday! I don't believe in luck anymore, I believe in blessings. There are just too many things that happen. Friday:
We went biking and I handed out a pass along card to a man. Then I turned around and found him taking to my companion. Turns out it was a man we have been trying to contact for a week! He came to a baptism that night!
Then we went and visited some investigators, some who were there and some who weren't. On our way home we were stuck at a stoplight for a few seconds when we turned our head and saw the couple we had just taught the night before. They flagged us down and we spoke to them. Pamela, the wife, said that she had just been thinking about us and wondering how we were doing, then she saw us. Miracle, right?! We had met her and her inactive husband the night before. She was very receptive and wants to come to church but has to work on Sat and Sun...Well when we ran into her, she had just gotten off of work so we invitd her to a baptism and she came!
As we were leaving them, I passed out a pass along card to a man stopped at red light. Then as he was driving off a girl starts flagging us down from across the street at a stop light. She said " What are ya'll handin our over there?" Well, I was sure glad to let her know!
These moments all happen within seconds of each other! God is in every aspect of our lives. The other day, I was on splits with a ward member and everything was going wrong! We lost addresses, people canceled or didn't show up. Finally, the ward member was hungry and need to stop for food so we went to McDonalds. I felt guilty not working, but I knew she needed to eat. So while there she got me an ice cream and I tried to share the gospel. I spilled the food down my face (so embarassing) and get this. Another person calls the ward member and says "I see you at McDonalds.." she replies letting her know that she is there with a missionary! I felt so lazy, but I was handing out cards like crazy. So as we leave I try and get everyone in the restruant and share a card and a message with them. On my way out, I notice that there is a long line of cars, so I walk down the drive through handing out cards. The last lady I talk to I say " I am a missionary....we believe in God and in families" ( because she has big family) turns out she had been praying all day for a new church! These moments happen all the time. When every someone prays for a new church or have a bad day, we just run into them. Blessings! I love being a missionary!
Here are our top 4 most heard lines:
1) "I can promise, that I can't promise that I might not make it to church."
2) "I don't want to lie to ya...."
3) "Ya'll be careful out there." (Everyone says that. All the time! least we know they care."
4) "Can I be baptised?" (Well that one is one they say internally...)
Love Ya'll, Be Good!
Sister Susan Anderson
(write me a letter!)

September 30th, 2013

Hola Everyone!
This week was great! We saw so many miracles! Starting with a baptism of Jessica! It was amazing to have taught her and had her baptized. She was also baptized with another lady, Sister Gorman who is an older lady and wants to finish her life following Christ. We are NEVER too old or too young to choose to follow the Savior-it is never too late!
This quote gets me so excited!!! Please read it, becuase this is what I am going to help do:
"President Spencer W. Kimball stated: 'Make no small plans, they have no magic to stir mans souls. This is the Vision I have for teh South. I believe that one day the South will baptize more people into the church than all other English speaking mission in the World together. There are hosts of marvelous Baptists, members of the Church of Christ, Methodists, and Catholics, who are honorable people and ahve fiath int he Lord Jesus Christ and love him. As they see their church veering off to the right of the left of those basic teachings, they will begin to search for truth. And as pivotal teachers come into the church and have influence, we will see the time when we will baptize hundreds, and thousands, tens-of-thousands, in your day you will see a million members of the church in the South. There will be Temples plural in the South State. What a great call you have to serve with these marvelous people.' " - Vaughn J. Featherstone.
I know that this can happen! We have seen so much growth in our area even since being here. I am honored to get to help in this great work.
I have been very blessed this week to do a lot of teaching. We visit a lot of less actives and investigators, sometimes they move forward and sometimes they don't but either way I know I gave it my best shot. As missionaries, we don't always minister with words. Sometimes, we simply do service and talk to people. Our actions really do speak louder than our words, so make sure and do some service. Reminds others, that there are still nice people in the world  or what we hear in our case "young folks who know Jesus and are doin good." I love em sothern folks.
President Holm, our Mission President, took my district out to lunch this week! It was amazing! Also, I get to go to some conferences in Irmo for Wednesday and Thursday this week. It will be great!
Miracle Moment: We met a lady while biking, Faith. We got her info. A few days later went to an appt for her and she wasnt there. Then a few days later we went out to lunch with President Holm and she was our waiter! Set up another appt for next day,she wasn't there. Then we were drivning down the street later that day and passed her and was able to talk and teach her. I know that God is aware of us and where we are!
New Vocabulary Word: "Grans" means grandkids.
I am so excited for General Conference!! I can't wait! Invite someone to watch with you. You never know until you try! Well, I loveall of you! Have a great week!
Sister Susan Anderson
P.S. I am only getting called a teenager once or twice a week now!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23rd, 2013

Hello Ya'll":
We have our first baptism this week!! I am SO excited! It has been a lot of work and prayer to get to this point, but we are finally here!! Our ward is great, we share it with Elders; counting this Saturday, we will have had two people baptized every weekend for the last three weeks! (Elders: 5, Sisters:1) [ We have a good amount scheduled for October!!!]
I love the South! Everyone is so open to talking about religion, to talk about Jesus mainly. Also, everyone sits on their porches here (just waiting for the missionaries..), which makes it easier to contact people. I had the opprotunity to visit Myrtle Beach and Sumter on exchanges recently and there was not nearly as many people outside with porches, so I feel very blessed to be in this area! We are working very hard to invite everyone to come to Christ and be baptized!
Something that I have learned is that exact obedience does bring miracles! We have most of our miracles occur when we decided to stay our the extra few minutes and visit people instead of drive home a few minutes early! That's when we find everyone.
Our first Sunday, we had an inactive familiy walk into church and say that they want to prepare for the Temple and have their 3 children baptized! The parents had been inactive for 16 years and the night before, the husband felt prompted to google the LDS church, drive to it, and then attend it on Sunday. Now, three weeks later, we are still teaching them and they are amazing! They are so committed to living the gospel. People can change and they do change. Keep that in mind. Some people, like the Daniel's family do it in a moment and some do it slowly, but people do change! I am so grateful for the Atonment and for the knowledge that we can change and be better!
Miracle Moment: We stopped by house to visit a lady, Ebony, whom we had taugh the week prior about the Plan of Salvation. She wasn't there, but her father and two cousins were. We taught them restoration and commited them to baptism! Charles, the father, had been wanting to find a new congreation; really he had been wanting to be able to follow God better but didn't quite know how, so we are now helping him and his family. He has been going through some hard times and this will help him enormously! We were talking to him for a little while (on his porch of course) and we were about to pray to start the lesson, then I explained that this was a family message and asked if there was anyone in his family whom he would like to join. He said yes and told his children to come (they said yes sir-good o'l southern manners). At first the 16 and 18 didn't seem intrested, but by the end they prayed to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet (in front of us) and are excited about the Book of Mormon.
You never know how people feel until you ask! I thought they weren't intrested, but it turns our they were! Don't judge a book by its cover. Also, invite EVERYONE. Had we not invited Charles to invite his family, they would not have come outside to listen. Moral of the story: INVITE EVERYONE. Love people enough to not judge whether they want the gospel by their actions and appearance. Give them the chance to decide on their own. You can't baptize unless you first invite. It's their eternal salvation at stake, so don't be afraid to be bold or to interupt what they are doing. Pass along cards are great! Ask your missionary for some, they would love to share them with you!
Also, on a side note. I finally named my bike! Her name is Esmerelda, but I call her Jasmine.
Love you!
Sister Susan Anderson

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

18 Months: Why, What, and How

Wow! It's crazy to think that I am almost here! I was assigned to the South Carolina Columbia Mission nearly 4 months ago and now I am a week away. Many of you may not know what exactly a mission is. So here is why I am going, what I will be doing, and how I will doing it:

WHY: I believe that God is our Heavenly Father and that we are His children. As such, I know that He loves us very much and wants the best for us. He has given the gospel of Jesus Christ to help us to return to live with Him again someday and to be happy. This simple knowledge has blessed and changed my life so much. It has made me into the person I am today. I want others to have the chance to come to know God and His Son Jesus Christ and to just be happy!  

WHAT: I will be going around South Carolina inviting others to come unto Christ. This means that I will be doing what I believe Christ would do. I will be helping others (regardless of religion) by doing service for them and the community while also teaching them of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

HOW: I am going to be living in South Carolina knocking on doors, talking to strangers, and meeting everyone that I can so that I can tell them about Jesus Christ. I will be getting up at 6:30 am every morning and going to bed at 10:30 pm every day. During this time, I will not be working, dating, or attending school - all in order to focus more on my missionary work. This is purely volunteer and is paid for by each missionary. My family and I have worked hard to save up the funds so that I can take this time to serve the Lord. I feel very blessed!

Sister Anderson

South Carolina Columbia Mission

You report in 6 days.

This is a picture of an icon that counts down every day until I leave. I started at 110 days and now I am down to 6.