Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 2nd, 2013

Hello Ya'll,
I received the best news. I was in ward choir practice, (naturally missionaries are always in it), and I was explaining something. Then someone pointed out to me afterwards that I said ya'll 4x's through out that explination. I had no idea I had even said it. Proud moment. My ya'lls are finally starting to become natural.
Well this week was full of changes:
1) I received a new companion. Her name is Sister Stanley and she is from Las Vegas. Conway is her first area. What a great place to start your mission in!
2) Our area has been so blessed recently! We recieved another set of Elders, so we now have 3 sets of missionaries in the ward. Great things are in store.
Miracle Moment: God will protect you!
Two weeks ago, Sister Lundhom and I were driving way out into the country looking for a lady who has not been to church in a while. Finally we turn down this dark road which is off of another dark road and find her house. We pull to the side of the road when we see three HUGE dogs. I mean big dogs, barking at us. We didn't know what to do. We could see the door of the house and the light on but we couldn't get there. So I tried opening the door and making one step outside, bad idea. We didn't want to leave but we were stuck, so we prayed. (What you always do when you are stuck!)  We had the feeling to pull up into her drive way (which President asks us not to park in) and then try it. So we did. Well once we pulled into the drive way the dogs whole demaner changed. It was like we weren't intruders anymore.They still barked but we felt safer. So we slowly made our way to the door and the knocked. Longest moment of my life waiting for that door to open! One of the dogs was smelling my leg. So scary! A man opened it then went to get his wife and left us out there! Then the lady ushered us in. She felt bad for us being left there. Apparently, she has not been visited my missionaries because all of the ones in the past were scared away by the dogs. She agreed to let us come back becuase she was impressed with our determination and bravery.
Sometimes you have to do scary things, but remember, if the Lord is with you, you can do it!
Recently, I just have been so happy! I just love being a missionary. I am blessed to see lives change every day! I know that this gospel can change our lives and if we let it, it will. I also know that it is meant for everyone. We are all God's children. He loves all of us and wants us all to be happy and return to live with Him which is why He gave us his son. With that in mind I want to invite all of ya'll to do something special this Christmas for the Savior. How many of us recieve present to celebrate his birthday? But how many of us give present to him?
Recently, Elder Ballard, an apostle of the Lord said:
"We are niot asking eevryone to do everything. We are simply asking all members to pray, knowing that if every member, young and old, will reach out ot just "one" between now and christmas, millions will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a wonderful gift to the Savior."
I know this is true. Will ya'll share the gospel with one person before Christmas to show your love for our Savior Jesus Christ? I can promise you as a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ that if you do, that you will be giving him something on his Christmas wish list. He will be please with you. He asked us to love one another, what better way can you do that than this?

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