Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 25th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!
Well, hello ya'll! This week has been great! They all are, but this week was great in particular because I was able to feel the peace that the gospel brings into our lives. I know that no matter what your challenges or concerns might be, that the Savior, and his teachings can help you.
Baptisms: Pamela got baptized!! It was a great day to see a family united! Charles, was suppose to get baptized 2 weeks ago but unfortuanly he had heart problems and was sent to the hospital for a few days. All he wanted to do was get out to be baptized, then a week later he was set to be baptized. Two hours before, he called us and decided to postpone his baptism. Some missionaries of another faith came and shook him up a little bit. This was hard for us, but we know that the Lord has everything in his hands. Charles is one of the most sincere people we have met, I know that he knows this is true. Gail unfortunatly went to the hospital on her baptism day as well. She has been pretty sick this past week, but she will be ok. She just had another death in her family, so please pray for her. She will be getting baptized when she feels better.
Insights: This week was an emotional one, but during all of it we were never left alone. I can testify that God is in every detail of our lives. He is simply always there. I am so grateful for this knowledge. This letter is for all of you that are going through hard times right now! Elder Bednar told us that God will let us struggle, but not forsake us. We learned from our mission President that trials are good! They help you to be stressed, under pressure, so that you can grow. So if you feel under pressure right now, be glad. Know that you are getting the chance to grow!
Companion: Well Sister Lundholm goes home tomorrow. I am so excited for her family, but I sure will miss her! In other news, I am getting a new companion tomorrow! I have been living with a few other Sisters for a few days while my companion goes to deptarting missionary meetings. It's been a lot of fun!
Well, I know that ya'll love to hear the heart warming stories as well as the crazy one, so I wil share some next week, becuase they happen every single day!
Temple: We were able to go to the Temple this week. Somone who Sister Lundholm taught a year ago, went throught the Temple! It was amazing! Also, it was our ward youth Temple trip, so we got to see all of the youth! Three people, who we recently helped to get baptized were there as well, it was great! 
Also, this week we visited a sister from the congregation who has not been to church in a while. When we saw her she immeditaly starting crying. She told us of her trials, fears, and desires. One of which was to attend the Temple and be in the Celestial Room. This is a special room in the Temple which reminds us of Heaven. I asked her "why do you want to go there?" She replied, "becuase I was born to be there." I know this simple yet profound statment is true. We are all meant, by birth right, to inherit all that the Father has for us. He wants us all to come to Heaven again, to come the Temple. When I was young I memorized this poem: "I am a child of royal birth. My Father is king of heaven and earth. My spirit was born in courts on high. A beloved child; a princess am I." I know that we are all children of God. Children of a King. Let us remember that and act like it. We have so much potential! Please use that potential and work towards the Temple. If you have a reccomend, then please go this week. Make time for it! I promise you it will be one of the best ways you can spend that time. Will ya'll do that?
Stories: There is a lady named Chrissy who is starting to come back to church after a while. A little while ago, we biked to her house and just as we pulled up we heard yelling. At first we were alarmed, but then we discovered it was out of joy. You see, Chrissy had just called us to come over and help her with something right as we pulled up. We had no idea she had called becuase we had been biking. We made those plans the night previous. Many times when we see her, it was just when she was thinking of this. I love it when this happens, becuase God know what we need! He certainly does guide us!
Love Ya'll,
Sister Anderson
P.S. I love updates from ya'll - so send them!

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