Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9th, 2013

Hello Ya'll, Merry Christmas! Well here are some great moments:
1) We knocked on a door and invited the people to learn more, the man said no and then as he closed the door he yelled "go get the gun." Needless to say we walked away. He was just trying to scare us. Man, I love the south.
2) Duck Dynasty. For all of ya'll who don't know what Duck Dynasty is, you have not lived in the south. You know you live in the south when...Duck Dynasty is brought up in lessons and is seen well just everywhere.
3) Quote from a lady in the ward who was born and raised in SC: "I told my children to not marry anyone from the West, because then they would talk with a funny accent....". So I asked, "Sister -----, Do you think I talk like a westerner with a funny accent? She replied, "Well yes." but then assured me it was ok. Just when I thought my ya'lls were convincing...
4) You know you live in the South when you see camo jackets on the parade floats for beauty pageants.
Basically, the south is great and hilarious. One of the best places on earth. Where else can you buy boiled peanuts in cans and talk about church like you are asking someone about the weather? Abraham Lincoln said "If you wish to win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend." If you want to realte with the people, you got to have something to relate about.
Baptisms: Gail Rogers was baptized this week! It was a great day! Her daughter Jesica was baptized in September!
Miracles Moment: Our Bishop arranged for about 12 missionaries to be in the Conway Christmas parade. We stickered over 1000 pass along cards with the church info. Well the night before the parade it had a 90% chance of rain which meant the parade was going to be cancelled (when it rains here, it rains, it floods!). So Sister Stanley and I sent out a prayer request through a voicemail. We asked all the missionaries in the mission to pray that we could all still particpate so we could talk to many people. So about 250 missionaries did.
The morning of the parade came and the clouds were cloudy. It started to rain an hour before and they were thinking about cancelling, but right at 11 when the parade was to begin, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and it was actually hot! MIRACLE Moment. We handed out around 2000 cards, then a little while after the parade it rained, and rained, and rained, all afternoon and night. Basically, it stopped just for the parade!
Ya'll are thinking, what do missionaries do in a parade? Well the Sisters smile, hold a banner and hand out cards and the Elders bike around in circles (becuase that's how people recognize the church), while the bishop drives a truck blasting christmas music. It was so much fun! We handed out cards for a free Christmas DVD. I will attach photos!
Well Ya'll, I hope you are having a great christmas. We sure are over here! How is it going sharing the christmas cheer with others this week? Will ya'll go out and say merry christmas to someone today? Please do! I love Christmas so much, I love being reminded about our Saviors birth.
Love Ya'll,
Sister Anderson

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