Sunday, December 1, 2013

October 21st, 2013

Dear Family and Friends! Another great week in Conway, South Carolina!
Great things happened this week starting with the THREE baptisms of Tim, Jessica, and Zach!
Sister Lundholm and I have been teaching all of them for a weeks now and it has been amazing! What I have learned from this experience is that people can change. Many of our investigators had to give up a lot of habits to become more Christlike and it hasn't been easy for them but it is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So, for all you people out there who feel like you can't change...your wrong, you can! Just start reading the Book of Mormon today!
Other fun news: FOOD Update: This week I ate ALL of the following...
alligator, fried giant frog legs, shark, sword fish, squid, octopus, muscle, clams, shrimp, chicken bog, grits, and the traditional pasta and what not :)
Yes, I ate ALL of these with a SMILE on my face. Did I mention that I don't particullary care for sea food? Haha, oh well! I will include some photos. Seeing is believeing. I do not recomend frog, so if someone offers, I would suggest declining, unless it would be rude or if your a missionary. (Dad, I know you are proud!)
This week, I went to the Loris bog off. Its basically a big fair. We are able to talk to so many people, everyone was SO very southern. Loved it! Also, miracle moment. We made lunch for an investigator of ours who is struggling finanically and we invited another investigator. Then we realized we needed a ride for investigator #2 so we asked a memeber to come to lunch with us. Turns out it was the members birthday! She is a widow and no one knew that it was her birthday, but God knew! So she didn't have to be lonley that day. We tried our best to spoil her, she said she had prayed and all she wanted was to not be alone on her birthday. The story gets better. Miracle after miracle happened... it just shows me that God is so very aware of us! We learn in 1 Nephi 21:16 "Behold, I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands." I know that God loves us so much, that He loved us enough to send his Son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we can live again and never have to feel alone. So when you feel lonely and forgotten remember that Christ remembers you and is there for you....also during those times, shoot me an email!
Well my birthday is next week and I would love it if ya'll would do something for me:
Please do one or all of the following :)
1) One random act of kindess!
2) Share your testimony with one person!
3) Tell the missionaries that you appreciate them and the offer to help.
4) Have family prayer and scripture study tonight.
Thanks so much, I love ya'll!
Sister Susan Anderson

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