Monday, September 30, 2013

September 16th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!
Life is great here in South Carolina! There are SO many people to share the gospel with. Well, to start with some funny news. Everyone thinks that I am 15. Everyone! Yesterday, Sister Lundholm and I taught a lesson in primary. Apparently, as I was walking out a lady asked who the new primary girl was, then she was told that it was the new missionary! Haha I have been called 15 year olds about 3,4, or 5 times now, but I don't mind because it gets people talking to me...then I can share the gospel with them!
Miracles do occur! Everyday! I don't believe in luck anymore, I believe in blessings. There are just too many things that happen. Friday:
We went biking and I handed out a pass along card to a man. Then I turned around and found him taking to my companion. Turns out it was a man we have been trying to contact for a week! He came to a baptism that night!
Then we went and visited some investigators, some who were there and some who weren't. On our way home we were stuck at a stoplight for a few seconds when we turned our head and saw the couple we had just taught the night before. They flagged us down and we spoke to them. Pamela, the wife, said that she had just been thinking about us and wondering how we were doing, then she saw us. Miracle, right?! We had met her and her inactive husband the night before. She was very receptive and wants to come to church but has to work on Sat and Sun...Well when we ran into her, she had just gotten off of work so we invitd her to a baptism and she came!
As we were leaving them, I passed out a pass along card to a man stopped at red light. Then as he was driving off a girl starts flagging us down from across the street at a stop light. She said " What are ya'll handin our over there?" Well, I was sure glad to let her know!
These moments all happen within seconds of each other! God is in every aspect of our lives. The other day, I was on splits with a ward member and everything was going wrong! We lost addresses, people canceled or didn't show up. Finally, the ward member was hungry and need to stop for food so we went to McDonalds. I felt guilty not working, but I knew she needed to eat. So while there she got me an ice cream and I tried to share the gospel. I spilled the food down my face (so embarassing) and get this. Another person calls the ward member and says "I see you at McDonalds.." she replies letting her know that she is there with a missionary! I felt so lazy, but I was handing out cards like crazy. So as we leave I try and get everyone in the restruant and share a card and a message with them. On my way out, I notice that there is a long line of cars, so I walk down the drive through handing out cards. The last lady I talk to I say " I am a missionary....we believe in God and in families" ( because she has big family) turns out she had been praying all day for a new church! These moments happen all the time. When every someone prays for a new church or have a bad day, we just run into them. Blessings! I love being a missionary!
Here are our top 4 most heard lines:
1) "I can promise, that I can't promise that I might not make it to church."
2) "I don't want to lie to ya...."
3) "Ya'll be careful out there." (Everyone says that. All the time! least we know they care."
4) "Can I be baptised?" (Well that one is one they say internally...)
Love Ya'll, Be Good!
Sister Susan Anderson
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