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July 21st, 2014

Floyd's Baptism--------
Floyd was baptized!!!! He had nearly 50 people at his baptism (I am so grateful for the support of the ward!). It was absoultely beautiful. Here is a run down of it:
At first it was in the baptismal room, but too many people came so we had to move it to the Relief Society room, then that got filled up too! President and Sister Turner came. I played a musical number on the piano and at the end Floyd bore his testimony. He said that 20-25 years ago, he went with a bus full of people down to a lake to be baptized. Upon being baptized, people came out of the water whooping and hollering, raising their hands, and praising the Lord. He said that he did too and that he felt guilty for not really feeling it but doing it. With the most sincere voice he said (speaking about today), "This, was my baptism. This was the real thing."
He then bore a beautiful testimony and turned to us and said "I can truly call you my sisters." He commended us on our dilligence, saying that he was not an easy sell. It's true, we had to work very hard for nearly 5 months, but it was worth every moment of it. We truly learned what it was like to plead with the Lord to soften Floyd's heart, to humbly petiton for guidance in the lessons we taught. Honestly though, looking back on these past few months. It wasn't us who really did anything, it was the Spirit. Floyd did what he needed to (such as reading, praying, and coming to church) inorder to feel the Spirit. I am so grateful that we can all be baptized becuase of Jesus Christ, becuase of the example he set.
Floyd is so happy now! He loves high priest group and they ALL love him. Floyd loves reading the Presidents of the Church books that we study each eyar. We are making ice cream in a bag with his great-grand kids this week. Clara is wonderful as well! She is so much fun to be around, we describe her as a "crack-up". She is hilarious. She has more spunk than most teenagers. We just love their family!
Miracle Moment: God Protects His Missionaries!-------
A few days ago, Sister Brown and I went to visit a family which we know quite well. They have a couple of dogs, one of which is a big pittbull, but is very kind-just a giant puppy. Well Sister Brown was walking ahead with the dog jumping all around while I locked the gate. She just turned the corner, then I heard a loud "yelp!" from the dog. I thought, "what did she do to him?".
Here is what happened: He was playing around as normal, but somehow or another bit her hand. She said that she could feel his teeth on her hand going into her skin, but right as it was about to penitrate her skin, he just yelped very loud and fell down/let go or something! She walked away without a scratch.
A few months ago, a dog went to bite her but bit her leather bag instead. She had giant bite marks on her old bag. Haha. Oh dogs! But seriously, tender mercies are every where. Heavenly Father has been doing a lot of protecting her with dogs!
*Disclaimer: If you get bit/or scratched on your mission by an animal, you have to go in for bloodwork and rabbies shots. A few months ago, my roommate, picked up an injured cat from the road to save it as a car was coming and got maulled by a cat, all over her legs. She had to get like 10 shots in each wound becuase it was a stray cat and they couldn't verify it didn't have rabbies. Moral of the story: We STAY AWAY from animals on your mission.
Ft. Jackson-------
Pvt. Korotaz and Hodge were baptized! I didn't have the privledge of teaching them, but I taught Mainville who was baptized a few weeks ago. Mainville brought Korotaz to church, then Korotaz got taught from there. Member missionary work is the best! Mainville came to church because he battle buddies: Applebaum, Lancaster, and Carr invited her. So, remember, invite your friends to church!
He will lead you to them, or them to you!-------
We have been in the process of finding new people to teach. In preach my gospel it talks about how we will be guided to those who are ready, or those who are ready will be guided to us. Well a few days ago, we were teaching the Hazen family, who are members of the ward and are conviently our neighbors when two girls come running in the door. One is their daughter and the other is a girl whom we had never met. We finished teaching and went to meet her family. It turns out Lashia has been wanting to come to church a a whle now. She is 10 years old and lives with her Mother. Her Mom was baptized into the church when she was 12, but hasn't really been since. It was a miracle! We are now preparing Lashia to be baptized and working on helping their family come closer to Christ.
We were not expecting to find Lashia, but we are so grateful. We could have just ignored her when she ran into the Hazen's lesson, but we took a moment to get to know her instead. If we wouldn't have taken that moment, we wouldn't have been able to help her family. When we just take a moment to get to know someone, we can make a new friend. An Elder in our mission once said that "strangers are just eternal friends waiting to happen" or something like that. I am grateful for the chance that I have to make new friends and help bring them to the gospel.
Last Miracle of the email-------
Friday night we planned to visit two families the next morning which we hadn't seen in a while: The Green's and Rosado's. The next morning, as we were walking down the street to Brother Green's home we met an Elderly couple which informed us that he had just passed away the night before. One of Brother Green's children lives a few houses away, that is the Rosado family. We waked up and saw them outside. We were able to visit with them for a moment and offer assistance in any way and just a sweet moment with them.
When we were planning the night before the idea to visit the Rosado's and Green's did not come as huge revelation. In all honestly, I didn't think much of it. Now, looking back, I know that was exactly where we needed to be.
(On the way back to the car we met a couple who knows a different member and is letting us come back to help clean. She is elderly and was just frettting about how she was going to dust under the bed, then we showed up moments later and offered to help serve or clean in any way! Miracle!)
Heavenly Father guides our life. I am certain of it!
When we count our blessing and acknowledge them more, we can see them more present in our lives. So instead of thinking that something is a conincidance, will y'all give the credit to Heavenly Father and thank Him? I can promise you, that if you do, you will be happier!
Love Ya!
Sister Susan Anderson
P.S. Sorry these are getting so long!

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