Monday, September 8, 2014

Aug 11th, 2014

Dreams do come true----
Before I left on my mission, I had a vision for my mission. I felt like if I had a harmonica and played hymns on it during lessons, then that would just be wonderful. It would be perfect for the south and invite the spirit into the lesson. This week, my dream was realized, it came true.
This week I bought a harmonica- almost the happiest day of my whole entire mission! I now carry the harmonica in my purse. I love, love, love it. Every now and then during lessons, I pull it out and play a hymn while Sister Brown sings to it. She is such a great singer!
Pvt. Fulture was baptized! I didn't have the chance of teaching him personally, but I got to talk with him. He has been coming for a while and decided 4 days before he graduated, that he wanted to be baptized! It was a miracle. He was so excited to have the Holy Ghost with him so constantly. I was very happy for him.
Fun Moments:
Conquering yet another hill-----
Here are some fun moments from the week. Well Sister Brown and I went to the Cape Jasmine neighbrohood. The nieghbrohood is a giant hill. Giant. Well we parked the car closer to the top and decided to walk down it to go and meet some people towards the bottom. As we were walking down, we noticed that the clouds were very dark and stormy, kind of troublesome, but we just kept going thinking that if there was a problem with rain, we would deal with it later. It had been so hot that week, a little raing might feel good. Right?
Well a little while later, we are just leaving someone's home (at the bottom of the hill) when we hear this cracking thunder and see lightning. The sky turns dark and then it starts raining, so we start running (we have no umbrella with us), and running. Up the hill we go (Sister Brown has a white floral skirt on). There were some teeangers outside and they just watched us run and run up the hill-we could see from their expression that they were wondering if we would make it. We made it to our car, but we were wet. Along the way, we met a wonderful family though! It was such a blessing!
In the south it pours! In the book of Malachi it talks about the windows of heaven opening and pouring out blessings when we pay our tithing. Well in the same way, the windows of heaven open up on South Carolina frequently and just pour out buckets of water!
Moral of the story: If ye prepare, ye shall not fear. We knew we should have brought the umbrellas from the car, but we didn't becuase we thought "we will have time later", which we didn't. So prepare today, don't procrasitnate the day of your repentance.
It's just a dog, right?------------
Another dog story. Sister Brown and I were tracting, meaning knocking on doors trying to find people to share this wonderful message with, when we saw nice looking trailer enclosed with a gate. (Did I mention, it was raining that day too? :) )
Usually, gates mean dogs. Although this time, we didn't see a dog, so we thought. Why not? We didn't want to count anyone out from hearing this message. As we walk through the gate and closed it again with the lock that they had, an old lady comes out of her home and say's "why are you here?!". We walk closer and start explaining who we are. She then says, " Nooo, Why are you here? (with worry in her voice) I have a very mean dog." We say where is the dog? (I mean that's what anyone would want to know?!) She responds, "In the house eating..hurry leave." I think, well great! We are safe. The dog can't come out. We can share this message. Score. We conquered the dog problem... She then explains that there is a dog door.
She continues her message about how ferocious this dog is and ends with the plea "please, hurry leave!". She is quite scared by this point and so are we now that we understand that she can't control her dog. We start turning towards the gate as this massive dog (it looked like a small brown grizzly bear) comes barking and running out of the house. You bet we are booking it towards the gate. I hurry and get it open. I slip through with Sister Brown inches behind me. I start closing the gate, accidently on her! I thought she was through. Well just as I get the lock in place, the dog reaches the fence. We made it by a second. Whoo. Miracle. We walked briskly away from the house. We should have listened to the warning the first time.
The Message---------
Often, we have good intentions to follow advice, but our pride gets in the way. I was more than willing to listen to her advice to beware of the dog, but before I did, I wanted to share the message with her first.
In the other experience, I was more than willing to bring my umbrella. I mean I brought it into the car in the first place, I had used it before and I knew it helped. It's just that I didn't want to turn around and get it, I didn't want to expend that extra time becuase I was busy.
We are all going to be busy when warnings from the prophet comes. We might think that it is good advice and want to follow it, just after we do what we want. That is wrong! We need to heed them now becuase we "never know when the rain will come." Often we can see the storm clouds gathering meaning trouble ahead, but often an unforseen trouble, such as the quickness of the dog, may occur. We need to listen to the prophets advice today.
That is why we have the Book of Mormon and General Conference (when the Prophet and the 12 Apostles speak to the world). They prepare us for the second coming of the Messiah. We do not know when the second coming will occur, we can see the clouds gathering, but we don't know exactly when. We can stay safe by carrying our umbrellas, meaning by having protection, that protection comes in forms of the commandments. Hopefully this makes sense. Just be wise! Learn from my two stories and stay safe. "Don't flirt with the line."
Love Y'all!
Sister Susan Anderson
I think this is the quote, I may be off, but Pres. Kimball said, in his book, "The Mircale of Forgiveness:"
"Procrastination is an unwillingness to accept personal responsibility now."

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