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Aug 25th, 2014

Also, last week I neglected to say that Pvt. Porter was baptized at Fort Jackson! I didn't have the chance to teach him, but I talked to him for a moment and he was just so happy and over joyed to be there.
Here are some miracles for the week:
Miracle #1 The Food---------
So if anyone really knows me well, they know that I have had bad heartburn problems in the past. They have pretty much cleared up but I need to be careful with what I eat. Well this week, a wonderful senior missionary took us out to eat. Well we went to El Paso, a mexican restraunte. As we were waiting for our food, we were eating chips and salsa, after a few minutes, I got horribly sick. I went to the bathroom and ate a bunch of tums. Luckily I ordered a salad, nothing spicy. Well, I hurt bad then all the sudden, the pain went away. Just like that, miracle!
So now, its a few hours later, and we are heading into a member meal. I know that I need to be careful of what I eat, becuase when I get heartburn, it will often stay for a few days. Well we get there and the sweet famliy had cooked spicy enchaladas. The family explained that these enchiladas were very spicy and how wonderful they are. I thought, great! What I am going to do. I mean they looked great, I wanted to eat them but I didn't want to be sick. So, I did what every missionary does, I ate. During dinner she commented that these aren't spicy like normal. She wondered why. I just smiled internally, Heavenly Father was watching out for me. There were green chilies in the enchiladas, normally just one makes me sick and there were tons! It was such a blessing! I didn't get sick!
Miracle #2 The Cough----------
Well I have been coughing all week long for no apparent reason. I am not sick, my throat doesn't hurt, I just cough. In particular, every time I look down and move my head, I start coughing hard.
The funny part is that as missinoaries, we are always bowing our heads to pray, looking down to read scriptures, ect. You get the picture.
Well here we are at a returning members home to teach a lesson. We are going around the circle readning Alma 14 (go read it ) and talking about it.  I think once again, what am I going to do! To make it worse, he has multiple cats and they make breathing harder. Well, I start praying for help and sure enough I am coughing. Well it gets to my turn and MIRACLE, I read with very mininum coughing! But once it's not my turn, if I look down, I will start coughing. It  proceeded like this during the whole lesson. It was such a strong beautiful lesson!
Miracle #3 The Words------
Sister Brown and I were driving down a country road when we saw a sign in someone's yard that said, "Jesus Saves", we decided that since these people clearly believe in Jesus, that we should go and meet them. So we park meet a few of their neighbors first (aka knock) and then go to them.
It turns out that is was a spanish speaking man from Ohio. He was originally from Mexico. Well he speaks some english and we speak some spanish, so we start talking. It turns out that he has read some of the Book of Mormon before in Ohio, miracle!
Well Sister Brown and I haven't been speaking or practicing spanish for a while, so our spanish was very rusty. It was about 101 degrees outside and we just could not think in spanish very well.  As we are about to leave, I get voulenteered to pray.
I start praying (in spanish) and the prayer is going great, it can easily be understood. Towards the end of my prayer, I start asking for blessings on their family. I start to say something, during my prayer, when I realize that I don't know who to conjutgate a vital word. I realized that without it, it won't make much sense. Mini panic inside. Just like that, the word "estaba" comes into my mind, I say it and continue on.
That one word put everything together. Estaba was a word I have studied many times but have never been quite able to remember how to use it correctly, certainly not under pressure. Heavenly Father came through during my time of need.
How they Connect------
Heavenly Father helped me a lot, but it wasn't until I had done everything I could. In 2 Nephi 6:13, it reads "For the people of the Lord are they who wait for him." I know that is true. We must wait on the Lord, we must wait when we need help and try everything we can do in the meantime.
Waiting on the Lord means having trust in Him, having trust that he will fufill his promise to you. There is a scripture that talks about how God will give you the words that you need in the moment that you need them, I can testify that that is true. He could have divinly helped my spanish from the beining of the contact with the man, but he waited until the end.
During the waiting time, as we were speaking back in forth from spa to spa, then from eng to eng, the man was listening hard and so were we, to be able to understand each other. We were all carefully thinking things through. Had our communicate been perfect, that may have not happened.
I know that the Lord see's fit to help us when He feel it is best. So don't get too dismayed. One of my favorite hymn reads, "Fear not, I am with thee, Oh be not dismayed. For I am thy God and will still give thee aid." I know this is true!
Will y'all all read Alma 14 and study how the people waited on the Lord? It is a wonderful and short read. I know that as we look for God's hand, we will see it more.
I love y'all ! Also, I haven't had any problems, but my roommates has had all of her packages stollen these past few months. The other rommates and I don't have a problem but she does, so to be safe please don't put "sister" with my name for a while. Don't worry, I have gotten everything. Love ya!
Sister Susan Anderson

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