Monday, September 8, 2014

Aug 18th, 2014

The South is just wonderful! There are so many southern things here! I thought I would tell y'all a little bit about my mission.
Food: If it can be fried in butter, it will be! Butter is very popular here. So is pie, buscuits, and mac'n cheese. Macoroni and Cheese is baked in the oven/crock pot and eaten at every holiday/many family meals. Fried chicken is also very popular.
Bugs: The bug of the week is knats. Pronounced "nats." They are these little bugs that fly in the air and follow you around, literally from house to house, in your car to the house, etc." They don't bite, but they fly in your eyes and face constantly. They are attracted to sweat. (Today I saw a spider that was the size of my palm)
Hospitality: You can't beat it here! The Southern people just love to host. They are very kind to say hello and give you water.(Great to get invited inside when it is hot to share the message of the restoration)
Conversation: Today we went to the store. While we were at the cash register, we were talking to lady who was working there. I told her that I felt the Spirit when I watched the Becuase of Him video ( and invited her to watch it. She got excited and told us how she was going to share it with her co-workers. (We were at a christian frozen yogurt shop called FROG Yogurt: Fully Rely on God, for Sister Brown's birthday) When I told her about feeling the Spirit you would have thought that I brought up something like the weather, talking about our Savior and the Gospel is very natural here.
Rocking Chairs: Very popular in the south, they are everywhere! Everyone just loves outdoor furniture. You will often see rocking chairs, patio chairs, metal chairs, sofa's, reclines, any type of chair outside. They sit down and enjoy the weather and talk. (Great to sit in and share the gospel)
Heat: It is true, if you don't move fast, you won't get as hot. That is why some things are slower here. Even the cars drive slower. (Great to stop in the shade and talk to people about the Book of Mormon)
Sports: The only other religon more popular here than christianity, is sports. The biggest two are Clemson (orange and purple) and USC Gamecocks (Maroon, Black, and white). Stores will even have giant Gamecock logos in the middle of their store name. In walmart there is a gamecock shopping room, duck tape, rugs, clothes, ect. All of the pepsi cans were lined up to say USC Gamecock. It is very popular. I have had people tell me that the Gamecocks first Football game starst in 137 days before. (It is a great chance to talk to people. Great converstation starter.)
I love South Carolina, it is the best place to serve a mission on earth! I know that it is the best, becuase I think it is the best. There are a lot of hard things about serving here, but we don't focus on them. I know that it is the same with where ever y'all live. Every where is the best place to share the gospel. So go out and do it!
Quick Story: In the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi) the Savior was teaching the people, during that time the apostles taught them as well. At one point they were praying. They were to pray for that which they most desired. What do you think they prayed for? Knowledge? Help? Health? Understanding? They prayed, asking to have the Holy Ghost. I know that the Holy Ghost, the Spirit is somethign that we should most desire. The Spirit comes to our hearts very quickly from sharing the gospel. I know that as you share the gospel, you will feel the Spirit. So will you do it?
Love Ya!
Sister Anderson

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