Monday, April 7, 2014

March 24th, 2014

Fort Jackson: Two more on Fort Jackson! One of them was Pvt Cody Denmnan, someone who I taught. It was so fun to see his smile after being baptized!
Conway: Jamie and Autumn Smith, a Mom and her 17 yr old daughter were baptized!! I am so excited, I taught them in Conway for a while and invited them to be baptized. So 2 more baptisms in Conway. The work just keeps moving forward! I sure do love Conway and miss it a little!
Prayers: Please pray for Danny Pridgen. He is an investigator who we are working with. He is going to be baptized on Saturday at 11am. Please pray that he will be able to continue to live the WOW and that sweet tea will not tempt him. Please pray that he can make it to his baptism.
Danny: He has a long duck dynasty style beard and was born and raised in the South. We met him when he was riding his bike. He is about 53 years old.
Exchange Miracles:-------------------------------------------
This week, I was on exchanges in Pelion, a country town. I was with Sister Barnson, who has been out about 5 weeks-she is a great artist, anyways we went to our appointment but arrived a few minutes early. So what did we decided to do, go knocking of course!
We found three spanish families! So, I got to teach them in spanish until I ran out of words to say or until I couldn't understand them anymore. Slightly awakard moment. We were talking to a lady who said that her neighbor just had a baby. So we went to knock on her neighbors door, who was clearly pregnant.
I assumed she must of just had her baby becuase she was very pregant. I explianed that we were missinoaries and would like to pray for her and her baby. She said yes, come in and some other stuff that I didn't understand becuase she only spoke spanish. Well I went to pray for her baby (in spanish) and then afterwards spoke her and her family. During this whole time I never saw her baby. Well, we left and met her other neighbor, who had just had a baby.
So apparently, we went to the wrong house. She was still pregant, no baby yet. I mean we can all use prayers, but I just thought it was funny becuase of the language barrier that I missed that part. Oops!
Other miracles, it seemed like evryone we spoke to on that street listend to us. After teaching a couple lessons on the door steps we decded to leave, as we were walking away I had this feeling that there was still someone there who we needed to talk to. So we went back and knocked on one more door and found her. Sister Barnson bascially told her that she needed to join our church,( the girl was in high school), well the girl didn't object. It was great! Loved it. They are going back to teach her more.
I am so grateful for the Spirit, that he can guide us to the people that we need to speak with or the places we need to go. I know we can be guided in our every day lives by that same spirit. 
In church we did a musical number, Nearer My God To Thee. Sister Doughterty sang, she sings really good, and the two Elders also sang while I played the piano.
Tender Mercy:------------------------------------
Last week, I had a day that was harder for me. That night I recieved a letter in the mail from my trainer, telling me how much she loved me. All it was was a simple note, but it made the biggest difference to me. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us. He knew that I would need that lift to get me through and He knew that Sister Lundholm could help me.
So the next time you have a thought run through your head, such as "I wonder how Brittany is doing?" or "She looks really good in that sweater" or "I am going to write Chris", just do it! Act on it. You never know what will make another's day.
Will y'all all do that? Will you act on your impressions? I know if you do, you will be led by the Spirit more becuase you will be acting on thoughts. I know that this will help to make someone else's day.
Love Y'all!
Sister Anderson

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