Monday, April 7, 2014

February 17th, 2014

This week was just full of adventures:

Transfers, ice storms, no electricity for two days, birthday dinner and breakfast, weddings, professional photography, wedding music, music in the church, cancelled meetings, baptisms,...just to name a few!

Weddings: We had an investigator and a member of the ward get married! I was asked to be the pianist (luckily  had pachel canon in D with me) and Sister Stanley was the photographer! You do everything and anything you are asked to do as a missionary!

Baptisms: Ahmad and Jennifer! We went to their baptism, but the font was full of yellow icky water so we had to relocate to the Myrtle Beach building (about 30 minutes away). Well the MB Chapel is in North Myrtle Beach, next to the ocean, hense a popular place. There happen to be a huge marathon happening the street next to the chapel…so we had to delay the baptism a couple of hours because some people were stuck in the road! Don’t worry, they were baptized!

Background on Baptisms: We met Jennifer one night at the Singleton’s home. That night, a month ago, it was storming bad, we were given permission to head indoors for safety due to weather, but we didn’t! For some reason, I felt we needed to be there. We taught Calistro, Sister Singelton’s boyfriend a lesson in Spanish, it went great, but he wasn’t too interested. As we left, I noticed Jennifer on the couch on her phone. I invited her to learn more, she said yes! Turns out she speaks Spanish and heard everything we were teaching! We referred her to the Elders (she was in their area). Well Jennifer loved the gospel so much that she referred her friend, Ahmad (who was in our area) to hear about it! Well, they just couldn’t learn enough and wait to be baptized! All in all, due to boundary changes, Ahmad was taught be 3 sets of missionaries in one month!

Ice Storms: Well there was a big ice storm that hit the east coast. It was cold and icy here, but the real impact of the storms was lack of electricity. We live in downtown Conway, (the city is over 250 years old) and there are huge billowing oak trees everywhere. They line all of the streets and home, putting the sky in a canapé of Spanish moss, (its beautiful!)

Unfortunately, the ice was so heavy that the trees all broke….landing on power lines! We kept hearing this mass crashing all morning (sounding like a gun shot), and looked out to see trees falling on cars, houses, streets, ect. There was no power for 2 full days, so we stayed with a member. It was so much fun to be at her home! Some parts of the state and city didn’t have power for a couple of days.

Tender mercy, it was her birthday the next day and she had moved out and separated from her husband about a month previous. We were able to cook, decorate, and spoil her rotten! We all loved it!

Transfers: I am being transfered!  I am excited for a new start, but I will miss Conway. I have truly come to love these people. Yesterday, I played a song in sacrament (the one I played at my farewell), as I looked over the congregation, I felt as though I was leaving my home again to go on a mission. I just felt so loved. I love the people here and I will miss them tremendously, but I know that the Lord has a plan for me elsewhere.

This week has a lot more of my activities during the week than my spiritual activities.I love being a missionary! I love all of this buissniess and funness, but most of all, I really just love sharing the gospel. During the ice storm, Sister Stanley and I were sick again. We had to stay inside to get better, it was so hard, we were going stir crazy. By the end of it, we came to realize how much more we loved being missionaries. I love talking to others about Jesus Christ and about how he is always there for us. I just love it. I know that he is my Savior.
Moral of the Story: Sometimes we don't appreciate something until its gone, or we don't realize how much we truly love it. I always knew that I loved this, but after that, I really knew that I did.
Will ya'll take a moment to pause and picture your life without something that you do everyday? And then when you do, will you say a prayer of gratitude for what which you do have? I know that if you do this, you will gain a deeper love and appreciation for that which you have.
Love Always,
Sister Anderson

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