Monday, June 30, 2014

June 9th, 2014

This week I thought that I would share some personal stories with y'all.
Heavenly Father Answered Our Prayer--------------
We have been teaching an investigator named Floyd for a few months now. He is amazing! He has read Our Search for Happiness, the Joseph Fielding Smith Book, is reading the Book of Mormon, plus he is now on Lorenzo Snow, prophets of the church. That being said, he is very close to knowing that this is true, but hasn't quite gotten the answer he is looking for yet.
We love Floyd and have been praying mightly to know what to do to help him. We went to his home and taught him about the Word of Wisdom for the second time.
The Word of Wisdom is a commandment given from God for our bodies. Becuase our physical condition affects us spiritually, Heavenly Father has asked that we put good healthy food in our body and keep thigns that are harmful out. In particular: Coffee, Tea, Tobacoo, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, and anything harmful or addictive.
As we were leaving the lesson, Clara ( his wife who is a returning member of the church ) read from D&C 89:19 " And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures." That's when it hit me! I looked Floyd in the eyes and promised him that if he would live the Word of Wisdom for a week, that he would have his answer. That he would have a fire in his heart and know that the church was true!
Sister Brown and I just felt the largest feeling of peace come over us in that moment. I know that was a promsie from God. Floyd wants to know the truth and now he will. I love Floyd and Clara!
Heavenly Father Protected Us-------------------------------------------------------
On Sunday night, we were walking down nighbrohood street to get back to our car to go home for the night. We are walking with a member, who went teaching with us, when a giant gray pitbull comes chasing us down the road. Usually Sister Brown and I aren't too intimidated by dogs, but this one scared us! We just kept walking, by this point, it's owner is calling it and it isn't listening too well.  Once it got close to us, it just stopped dead in its tracks. And we were able to go safetly home. I know that Heavenly Father protected us from that Dog!
Heavenly Father Guided Us-----------------------------
This week, I was on an exchange in Chapin with Sister Billin. We had just left Sandbar and were driving towards home. We had 15 minutes left and didn't know where to go. So Sister Billin pulled over in a gas station to think, because our back up plans had fell through. She decideds to go back. So we drive back and knock on a house. They politley tell us to leave.
We get back in the car and she asks me where I thought we should go. At first I was thinking, I have no clue! I didn't know the area, but I knew how to pray. So I silently prayed. The prompting came to me to "go back the way we came". This seemed crazy! That meant a waste of miles. But it came again, so I told her "I think we should go back the way we came." She said ok.
She starts describing how there is nothing inbetween us and the gas station, but one neighbrhood that they had already knocked. As we get close she asks me for my opinion if we should take a left and go there. I say yes. Then she says that there is a dirt street we can knock or a subdivision. I choose the subdivision because its getting dark and we don't have much time to walk. Well we pull in and end up at a cross road, trying to decide where to go. Just as we are about  to just randomly decide where to go, it hits her. She exclaims, "I know where we are suppose to go, we are supose to see Kelly!" Then she exictedly drives there.
She explains that they met Kelly and month ago and she had said, come back in a month. So we went there. She had a big moving sign in front of her house and guess what. Her realtor is a less-active member of the ward. We approach the door and initially she isn't too interested. We have small talk and she says come back in a few months.
This doesn't work for us! We decide to tell her about our testimony of the Book of Mormon and then we tell her our story about finding her. We testify that God led us to her house. She admits that she was having a bad day and believes us. She then says, you are welcom to come by any time that you feel that you should. Her heart softened and we were able to pray for her and her family with her at the door.
I know that Heavenly Father guided us. It made no sense to me to go back the way we came, but I knew that it was an anwer to my prayer from God. So often we think that we need to know a lot about the scriptures to be able to share them. We need to know the area to be able to be guided to find who God wants us to teach. Those things may help, but they aren't important. Heavenly Father is the master architect, the master painter, we are just his tools. He can use us in what ever way he pleases to accomplish his purpose. He works with the humble and the pure in heart.
That night, we had a humble prayer in our heart, pleading for His guidance and help. He won't leave us alone. He will help us accomplish His plan. I know this is true.
Baptims ----------------------------------------------
Pvt. Lathrop was baptized yesterday! I had the privledge of teaching him. He needed to have two lessons before he was interviewed to be baptised and I only had 15 minutes to teach it. Amazingly, I was able to do with Heavenly Father's help. I know that he answered my prayered to assist me to be able to teach it so quickly yet have him understand the importance. His battle buddy was able to lend his testimony and help. It was beautiful the Spirit that I felt.
I know that the Holy Ghost will guide us in our life, if we let him.
The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead. He is a personage of Spirit, he does not have a body of flesh and bones like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. His purpose is to guide us in life, to comfort us, and to confirm truth, just to name a few things. The Holy Ghost whispers. He can: bring memories to our mind to prompt us, help us to feel good inside when we know a decision we made is right, and just simply guide us. Sometimes people refer to this as our consious.
Before baptism we can feel Him, but it is only after baptism by the authority of God, that we can have him as our constant companion through out life.
My invitation to y'all is to look for the Spirit in your life. Look for his gently nudging. You may have to turn down your music to hear him, or turn off your t.v., or apologise to someone when you said something that wasn't right, that was not in harmony with Christ's teachings.
I promise you that if you pray and look for his guidance you will feel him. There is a price to be payed, we must be clean. The Spirit can only dwell in clean places, so live worthily. 1 Corinithinans 6:19 "... know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you." Clean out and declutter your life of things that take away from the Spirit so that he can come and stay more.


I know this is true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


Love Ya,

Sister Anderson


P.S. Everything should be fixed with the mail!


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