Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

This week was the week of random events!
---------Here is my favorite event:-------------
Julian was baptized and confirmed in Lexington! He is a 9 year old boy. His Father joined the church 2 years ago, and then a couple months ago moved to Lexington. The ward had his address, but only to the trailer park, not the home number. Sister Dougherty and I searched for a couple weeks on and off and then miracle, found them, now 3 months later. He is a member of the church!
We asked him how he felt after being baptized and he responded "wet and radiant".
Also, Pvt. Vidal and Winnie were baptized at Fort Jackson! I have been teaching Pvt. Vidal for a couple weeks now, I am so glad that he has been baptized. He seems so happy and confident that this will bless his life. I know that it will. It is so much fun/weird to have soilders at Ft. Jackson that I know from school and home.
I met a soilder who joined the church in 2011, she is now 20. She is in Peter Scheelde's home ward in Webster. Small world!
------------We lost their cat------------------
Saturday at 4:40pm, we went to vist our investigator Anthony (12), his Mom, and his Nana. We knocked on the door and they said come in, so we opened the door WHEN his favorite and only cat Tiger, ran outside once we opened the door. Tiger is an indoor cat, if you see the problem.
Well we chased this cat around the property, near an old abandonded home, under trees', through bushes, etc. It was so hot outside as I am crawling through bushes on my hands and knees trying to catch this cat, thinking "we just lost our investigators cat, we have to find it". So Anthony, Sister Brown, Nana, and I are all trying to catch it. Honestly, I have prayed and don't know what to do.
Well finally, the cat starts walking closer to home and we have him cornered under a tree WHEN a huge black lab comes out of now where! And runs towards us. Satan was working hard this week. So now we are all under the tree. The cat see's the dog and tenses up, the dog see's the cat, everyone is getting worried and scared. Some people are trying to shoo the dog away, some are trying to be its friend, its just a mess. ....miracuoulsy, we get the dog away,  the cat jumps into Nan's arms, the owner of the dog pulls up in the car, and all is well.
Now it is like 5:25. Our whole day seemed to be like that, so we just went and got frozen yogurt for dinner. That helped. I know that Heavenly Father helped us catch this cat. He helped us get the dog away. He helped us not get posion oak after crawling through trees's with it (oops, found out afterward). He just helped us a lot. I am so grateful! I know that prayer works.
---------We were baptized--------------------------------
Last week, President took the Leadership Council to the Temple where we did baptisms for the dead. He baptized all of us. It was so special! It was such a wonderful privledge to have been able to do that.
For those of you who are wondering that this is, I will explain. We belive that we must be baptized to "enter into the Kindgom of God", but not all people have that chance while here on earth. So Heavenly Father, in his love and wisdom, has provided a way for us to be baptized in proxy on behalf of those who are deased. These baptisms take place in the Temple under the same Priesthood authority that Jesus Christ held. Once we are baptized on behalf of another person, they recieve the option in the Spirit World either to accept or reject this baptism.
(Questions?: Watch this 5 minute video entiteld, "Temples"" )
I am grateful that Jesus Christ set the perfect example for us by being baptized.
--------My Companion----------------
Sister Brown and I are still getting a long great. I am so grateful that she is my companion, I just feel such a peace teaching with her.
--------Follow Up-------------
Stacy is feeling better and should be baptzied very soon! She recently had a family emergency with her Grandfather's health. So she could still use some prayers! Also please pray, that Ashley will be able to come to church!
The prayer worked! Pvt Thompson came to church to baptize Pvt. Vidal and Julian was able to be baptized. Thank you, thank you for your prayer. I really appreciate it!
I don't believe that there is any more mail problems in our mission! All is well to put "Sister" on my mail again. Thanks! I never experienced any problems. I believe it was more outgoing mail than in-going mail that experience difficulties, but none the less, better safe than sorry!
----------Scripture on Prayer-----
When Jesus Christ came to the America's, he taught the people how to pray and then he prayed with them. At one point, after praying, he said to them "Pray on" and it says that "nevertheless, they did not cease to pray." (3 Nephi 19:26)
I know that it is so important to have a prayer in your heart always. This week, we had our plans change again and again, and I know that prayer helped us adapt well. We found ourselves needing to counsel with God even more so than usual.
"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doing, and he will direct thee for good....let thy heart be full of thanks unto God. (Alma 37:37)
I invite all y'all to have a prayer in your heart always, while you are driving, during a hard talk with someone, during school, work, just always! Will y'all do that?
I know that as you focus on your prayers more, you will be more aware of God's influence in your life and that he will be able to "direct" you more for good.
Love ya!
Sister Susan Anderson

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