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January 27th, 2014

Well this week went quick! They all seem to now. Here is some advice.

Become best friends with the workers at the library. When the computer line gets crowded, they give you extra time on your computer, so you don’t have to log off, wait, and then back on. Thank you Milton!
Southern Moment: Things that only happen in the South: Recently, we have been going around knocking on doors with a new approach. We let them know that we are representative of Jesus Christ and then say that we would like to say a prayer with them for their family or home. Then they let us! Everyone loves a prayer! Even if they aren't intrested, they usually won't turn down a blessing. "So when life gets dark and dreary" or "So when the weather gets dark and dreary"...don't forget to pray! It will help you into a nice warm home.

This week was truly humbling. We went to meet with a family of a man who wanted to come back to church. They had no running water, or food, or money. Something I am learning a lot about in the South is our needs. We really don’t need all that we think we do. Half of the people we teach have no bike or car or really anything. We are so blessed to have both!

Well here is a thought I had about a story I was reading:

There is a story in the Book of Mormon of a group of people who got in a lot of fights. They fought so much that they killed many in battle. One day a great missionary came and taught them about the gospel and forgiveness. They repented of their sins and decided to not fight anymore. They were so committed that they buried all of their swords deep in the earth so that they could not sin and be tempted. I love that concept! We need to get rid of all the things that cause sin and temptation in our lives. If we smoke, get rid of the cigarettes. If we want to go on a diet, get rid of the sweets!

The second part to this story goes as follows: They put away all of their swords. “Since it has been as much as we could do to get our stains taken away from us, and our swords made bright, let us hide them away that they may be kept bright, as a testimony to our God.” (Alma 24:15) They knew repentance was hard and they didn’t want to risk having to repent of that sin again. They knew they needed to get rid of the things, so that they would not relapse, and fall back into their old ways.

Well they went on with that, but soon the enemy came to attack. The Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s decided to not fight back.  “But behold, they had rather sacrifice their lives than even to take the life of their enemy” (Alma 26:32). They cared for their enemy, children of God, so much that they wouldn’t fight back becuase that would take another life. They decided instead, to sacrifice their own. 

The enemy took advantage of that and started slaying them, so they started praying. Many were killed, but pretty soon the enemy noticed that they weren’t fighting and felt guilty. They saw their good example and decided to not fight them and come closer to Christ.

Friends! This story is very relatable to our lives. When we set a good example, others will see it. Some, like the Lamanites, will take advantage of us, but some will also see our good example and then join with us. “And it came to pass that the people of God were joined that day by more than the number who had been slain” (Alma 24:26). I know that as you set a good example, others will see it and follow. Some peoplpe will still give you a hard time, but it will give you an opprotunity to pray!
Well, I love ya'll! Next week I will write down some of the crazy things that happen. Miracles and Mission Moments!
Weekly Invitation: Will ya'll go and burry your swords. Will you dispose of that which is holding you back and distancing you from God? I know that if you do, you will set a good example for others!
Love Always,
Sister Anderson
1) Sister Daniel and I cooking in her kitchen! I love her family! They were baptized on October, she was not active in the church, she is now!
2) Ssiter Stanley and I in the car
3) Atalya- means "watchtower" in spanish. An older castle of sort built in the 1900's.





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