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February 10th, 2014

This week I learned that often times, we don't see the impact that we have until long after events transpire.
--Questions: Our purpose is Clear
This week we were at a going away party of our friend (we had an investigator there). While at the party, we met a man who belives in being spiritual, but not religion. We were sitting at her house having a conversation when he looked into my eyes and  asked us "Your trying to convert people to Mormonism, right?". At first I was taken back, I struggled for the correct words to say. The longer the pause was, the more awkard it got, becuase in essence we are, but we aren't. Moment later (seeming like an eternity) I told him, that we aren't converting people to Mormonism, but to Christ. That as a result of following Christ, they choose to become baptized, thereby joining His church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ.
He seemed to take that answer then moved onto another topic. I am grateful that our purpose is clear, we invite others to come closer to Christ. Everything else, such as attending church, reading the Book of Mormon, praying, its all a result of following Christ.
--"Let there be light": The miracle of a prayer.
Before Christmas, my companion and I visited a less-active member, named Leotta. Less-active, means that she is not very active in the Church. She was baptized a couple of years ago, but has not gone in a while, a long while. We taught a lesson, which wasn't to out of the ordinary, then as we went to leave, asked to conlcude with a prayer. She accepted. We eagerly asked if there was anything in specific that we could pray for. She responded finincail help, so we offered a heartfelt prayer and left. Well a month or so went by.
Yesterday, Sister Stanley felt that we needed to visit her, so we went! Upon coming to her home, she welcomed us in and shared this story. She said that she went to pay her power bill a while ago after we left and found that it had already been payed. Apparently, she had filed papers for financial help a while back and she recieved it. The orgniazation she filed with had some extra money at the end of the month, and found her name. They paid all the money plus they gave her a $25 credit. She told us that she knew that this blessing happened becuase we prayed for her.
I smiled at this. I knew that the Lord did hear our prayers and answered them. He is "so good" as everyone loves to say! This just stuck out to me becuase often we do things and we don't know if anything came of it. My faith was boosted to know that something did indeed happen. Something that helped her come closer to God.
--5 Months in the Making:
Another blessing from this week! Tim,26, was baptized in Ocotober. Well this past week, his Mother came to Book of Mormon class and then to a lesson! She wants to be baptized! So you may read this email and think, "ok, thats great...but nothing too unormal." Wrong! She was never interested in the church before. She would hardly speak to us and we never once were allowed inside the house! We always taught on the sidewalk. Tim has been missing church for a while, but he randomly came to BOM class. Turns out she asked him is she could come! It took 5 months, but she saw his example and wants to join the church! It may not be immediate, but others do see our example!
--Giant Frog:
This week, I ate fried frog legs again. They are from a giant frog, bull frog I think. Enough said.
--Kindness goes a long way! :
Before Christmas, we were in Loris hopeiong to visit a less-active member when we met a kind family on their porch. We spoke for about 10 minutes, got to know them, and sang happy birthday to their father. Their Father was in his late 80's had flown a bomber in the war. Well Becca, told us that she was moving store locations for work to Conway from Loris, about 20 miles. Then we never saw them again.
Well, one of our dear friends was evicted and had about 24 hours to move. So we came over to help her frantically move. We packed and packed, but then they ran out of  boxes and had no money for more. I had the idea to go to a store and look through their dumpster. So we went with a member to the nearest one, a dollar general. We went inside to ask if could have their left over boxes that we saw in the back.
The clerks name was Becca. Before we could speak to her, she rememebered us and thanked us for our kindess! She willing complied to letting us have the boxes! So we went and go the boxes. There was a huge stack and it had rained that day soaking them. But there was one pile that was dry. It was a miracle! We brought them to the Sister in need and it was just what they needed.
It was amazing that Becca remembered us and then helped us! There are TONS of dollar general's here. Almost as many as there are churches. She just happened to be at this one and willing to help us out. What a blesing!
I know that Heavenly Father answeres our prayers and watches out for us! Sometimes, we don't see the fruits of our labors until long afterwards, but they are there. I am grateful to be a missionary! I love being a missionary!
I know that if ya'll look for these blessings, you will see them! Will you think about a prayer for offered a while ago and then look for the answer or blessing that came from it. I know that if you look for God's hand in your life, you will find it, becuase it is always there.
Sister Susan Anderson
P.S. If anyone doesn't want to be on the email list anymore, just let me know :)
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