Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6th, 2014

Hello Ya'll! Shorter Email this week!
Well this week Sister Stanley and I got the flu! I got sick and then as a result, she got sick. So needless to say that much of our week was spent it bed. Some of the members of the congregation heard that we were sick... We had 3 different homeade soups delivered, 1 packaged soup, 2 different drinks for our throats. We felt so very loved and cared for! We are doing better now, but still taking things slow.
Miracle Moment!
Three weeks ago, Brother Brooks asked us to deliver a Book of Mormon that his wife wrote in and a christmas card to a lady in Loris (about 20 miles from our home). We drove it up there, but she wasn't home. He told us that when we found her it would be the right time.
Two weeks pass by. Then Sister Stanley calls the Carter family and asks them to invite some friends over for dinner. They do and we have dinner with the Brusceros. They mention that they know Sister Pearson. We asked if we could come by their home to share more and they said that they would think about it but didn't give us their address.
The next day, Sister Pearson drives us to Loris to drop off this Book of Mormon and card. As we pull up to the house, I look down and read the name. None other than the Brusceros! They knew three members of the congreation, who all happened to be thinking about sharing the gospel with them!
The moral of the story is that when it is the right time, it is the right time. God has perfect timing! He knows when others are ready to have the gospel in their lives! We just need to do our part and invite.
I know that God is really aware of us. He knows exactly where we are in our life and what we need. Sometimes we loose Him in our lives, but He never looses us. Often He answers our prayers through others.
Transfer Update: I am in Conway for another 6 weeks! At the end of this transfer, it will make 6 months here! I sure do love Conway!
Prayer Request: We have some baptisms coming up this month. Please pray for Destiny, Infinity, Justin, Christina, and Leo. Thank you!
Will You: Will ya'll all invite someone who is not a member of the church to your house for dinner? I know that if you do, they will feel the Spirit! It will be a great missionary opprotunity!
Sister Susan Anderson
Photos: I am attaching some photos from our trip to Myrtle Beach last week! The missionaries in Conway went to Myrtle Beach with our ward mission leader to play beach volleyball. It was so much fun!




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